The most often asked question: Are you a painter?


The answer to this question is no. I don't paint. It's not that I can't paint I just find it difficult to decide what to paint and also a vast majority of my year are painters so I think it's good to step away from what everyone else is doing and to try something new.

Anyway I'm getting distracted and thinking about writing papers has reminded me I'm still no closer to choosing my dissertation title, however fortunately for me my practise and the theme of my dissertation are very similar. As the work I produce is quite hard to explain I've shot a short video where I show off a few of the things I've been up to recently which is looking into programming languages to create visuals this in turn is leading me to look at interactive based art. I'm really enjoying doing something different and new as I've never done anything like this, in fact this is the area that my boyfriend happens to be more of an expert in so he's been helping me learn a few things and suggesting things that I should research. In both respects he's as much as an artist as I am but he's more interested in programming audio even though he's tried his hand at programming visuals. I'm certain that without him I wouldn't be looking at this area and most likely would still be sculpting but I can't rely on him all the time although he is helping me out on my end of year show. I think in the art world the correct term for this is ‘Collaborating' which we are, tutors like seeing when artists team up. Although I still have no idea what I'm doing for that but I've got way too much on my mind to give my attention to one area which is why I'm quite lucky my dissertation ties into my studio work which means I only have to research on area.

Research!Now I'm not sure if many will agree with me but more often than most when I tell others I'm doing an art course they generally think I don't do much and live a bohemian life style and I always tell them that they are gravely mistaken. I have never done so much work and research before, what people fail to see is that when you're on a fine art course it is entirely self-motivated work, we still have the deadlines like everyone else but we don't have a tutor to set us work or give us all basic theory. We go out and do this on our own and I'm not sure if you've been given that amount of freedom before but it's a big shock to the system when you start. In fact to outline how much I have to look into I took a picture of all of the research I am currently doing, this is also the research that is going to be submitted for my dissertation proposal.

On Fine Art the 2 most important things you need are passion and time management, if you have those then you won't fail. With Easter rolling around the corner and 2 of my biggest deadlines set for the week I get back I must be getting back to it and my books aren't going to read themselves and I want a chance to enjoy Easter break so I'll do the work now. Well that's the plan! Bye!

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Other information: I deferred my place and took a gap year before starting at Kingston for my BA in Fine Art. I graduated in 2013 and started my MA in Media & Communications, also at Kingston. I am a Kingston University student ambassador. I chose Kingston because... it offered me the right environment for me to expand in. The course gave me freedom to practise my interests and offered me more facilities and guidance than other universities. I also fell in love with the town; it felt right ...

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