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Happy Guy Fawks!

Happy Guy Fawks!

Posted 14 Nov 2011


Remember remember the 5th of November,
gun powder, treason and plot.
I see of no reason why gun powder, treason
should ever be forgot.

Our Firework partyI love fireworks night, such good fun when you spend it with a group of friends! This year I went back to Reading for my friends annual party where there's always good food, good laughs and lots of fireworks! Oh and sparklers can't forget the sparklers. Our group of friends always put money towards this fireworks night and this year we were blown away by the sheer number and size of the fireworks he brought but then £300 does go along away. Just look at the box full for proof!

I don't normally go to big firework displays, I can find them a bit too crowded and this is a night I'd rather spend with my close friends; also I don't always get a chance to see my friends all in one place so I couldn't miss it and it was worth it. Although at one point we thought someone was going to get hit by a stray rocket because there were a group of teenagers setting off fireworks nearby which isn't cool! So today's health and safety tip from me is to be careful around fireworks they aren't toys and someone could get hurt! It's always wise to have a responsible adult there. In our case we just so happened to have a rocket scientist - I'm not even joking!!

Occupy London movementFireworks night isn't the only thing happening. During Reading week I went into London to visit galleries but at the same time I thought I would swing by and see the protesters pitched up at St. Pauls. It's quite interesting to actually think about how socially aware our society is becoming and how the public are responding to the current government. Sorry if this seems dull but I think that everyone needs to take more of an interest in what's happening. The obvious student related example is the change in fees; last year I was at the first march through London I had my picket sign and everything. That's why I started this blog with that poem. It seemed to fit quite well when talking about the protests currently happening; the failed gunpowder plot is part of England's history much like these events will be. Back to the protest camp, I'm amazed at how well organised it all is and tidy there wasn't really anything out of place. There were tents set up so you could be given information on the other causes they're protesting for like the fee rise and cuts to pensions also everyone there was willing to talk to you about their cause, sometimes it's hard to see passion like that in some people. Every half an hour or so people would get on a microphone to address those at the steps of the Cathedral.

They're planning to stay there as long as they can and fair play to them if they manage it, I certainly think they're getting the message across that the public isn't happy and I wish them all the best after all they're doing it for everyone. Now I simply must dash tatty bye!

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