Box City

Box City

Posted 23 Aug 2011


I'm ridiculously excited right now. All my efforts in organising my housemates, finding a house and finally signing the contract means the house move is just over a week away. In case you're wondering, I've been terribly nervous about sorting everyone out on time. I seem to have inadvertently become the organiser of my new house and it has been a little stressful. However all those stresses seemed to have floated away and been replaced by childish excitement. I say childish because I remember getting this giddy before my family would go on holiday somewhere and I wouldn't sleep due to my excitement. In case you're wondering I'm managing to get some sleep although the other night I feel asleep in the most bizarre position and lost the feeling in both my arms but that's another amusing story!

Back on topic, the whole excitement about moving is also increased because tomorrow my brother and his girlfriend are moving to London and also a couple of my friends are moving too. My next 2 weekends are booked up helping my brother move and help my friends to tidy their garden before they move. The down side to agreeing to all this helping is that I no longer have time at the weekend to do my packing so I have to start it all now, but I don't mind; it's a good chance for me to work out what I've lost or lent to someone. I discovered the other day that I'm missing a lot of books which I'm desperately trying to find because I really like them, petty I know but it's the principle of knowing where everything is.

Packing to move into my new student houseI'm having issues getting in and out of my room currently because the only place I have room to put my boxes of stuff is by the door and what doesn't help is a cardboard picture of George Clooney falling on you every time you walk past. Yes, I have a massive picture of Mr Clooney! My other brother works in a cinema so I get cardboard cut-outs, so I've decided that my student house needs this picture and a massive cardboard cut-out of Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean , my housemates are going to love me!

Whereas before I was talking about how sad it was to move because I was leaving halls and for me that was like the end of an era (I had so much fun there I didn't want to go however with one adventure ending another soon arises); this time round it's exciting to be moving as I'm going to MY house! With halls it was always somewhere to stay, it's never really YOUR house but now I'm going to my first ever house. It's finally making that brave leap out of your family home to a place that you are now responsible for and because of it I feel more independent and grown up (even though I'm 21 ever so often I still see myself as a 16 year old, why 16? I don't know). Once again I see this as another big step which I intend to embrace and make the most of, it is after all, another learning curve.

So in 2 weeks' time I will happily be unpacking in my new house! So I think in my next blog I might have to include a tour the house! Now these boxes won't pack themselves- Tatty bye!

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