Let's get fit!

Let's get fit!

Posted 28 Feb 2012


I've decided it's time to get fit and this time it's serious! If I'm being honest, it was my New Year's resolution (not very original I know) but it's just one of those things you never seem to get round to. As we all know, the student lifestyle is not the healthiest and before you know it the alcohol, takeaways and late nights do start to take their toll. I knew it was time to put my plan into action when I kept getting to class out of breath after climbing the mission of the stairs at Kingston Hill...not cool. This was the turning point and I'm hoping, after a few months of actually doing some exercise, it will no longer happen.

Now, rewind back ten, six, even four years and I would never have had this problem. Seriously, I was part of the "sporty" crew at school and was in all the sports teams. You name it I was there, whether it be netball, football, rounders, trampolining or cross country (and yes I used to run around a field for FUN!!). Plus I had all my out of school activities such as dance, tennis and swimming. Just the thought of all this makes me tired now. Nonetheless, that's all in the past now and it's time to start afresh...

So, the first port of call to help me get over this laziness is uni and seeing as I spend most of my time there, I thought it would be the best place to start. First you've got the gym at Penrhyn Road. It's got good, cheap deals for all students and it's handy to get to. Still, I've tried other gyms before and unless I go with friends, I find it mind numbingly boring. Right then what's next? Well there are plenty of sports clubs I could join. It'd be great to try something new and be part of a team. Hmm, this is a definite possibility but seeing as the teaching year is nearly over and we'll all be buried in our books soon for exams, it might be better to look into this for next year instead. Anything else I hear you ask? Well, there are also exercise and dance classes held weekly, where I can pay as I go, learn a new skill and have fun too...sounds perfect! After a quick search, I discover that we have Zumba, belly dancing and yoga classes to name a few. All that's left now is for me to get my sports gear on, drag a few friends with me and get down there to try it out. In the mean time, walking around Kingston shopping counts as exercise right?!

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