Making the most of the last few weeks of Summer


Hello! So I just finished my internship at Trunk, an animation studio in Bermondsey Street with Borough Market handily close-by.

Lots of reading to doYesterday I drew up a timetable for the rest of the holiday and it would seem there are only five weeks until I need to have finished all my summer work... To help me along the way I've ordered many, many books since I got back, including such gems as Brilliant Dissertation: What you need to know and how to do it and How to Create a Portfolio and Get Hired: A Guide for Graphic Designers and Illustrators. Hmm, I'll let you know how that goes! More importantly, that means there's a month until Freshers' Week. Exciting! I wonder what everyone's doing with their last month at home.

Apart from interning, I've been out with my housemates to see Super 8, the new film directed by J J Abrams, of Lost fame and produced by Stephen Spielberg. It's basically an homage to Spielberg and it's pretty good and definitely gripping (although one of my housemates spent most of the film with a cardigan over her face to protect her from the alien). The ending was a bit of a cheesy let down but the rest of it was good, and I find Dakota Fanning's sister a lot less annoying than Dakota herself! Next week's going to be even more cultural as I head up to Edinburgh for the festival. Can't wait to see the likes of Omid Djalili and Josie Long, as well as lovely Carol Ann Duffy. It will be my first trip north of the border and I really hope it doesn't rain too much - maybe there'll be a Scottish heatwave.

In the four or five days between arriving home and beginning my internship, I realised that a substantial number of my school friends have now graduated: a terrifying prospect. Most of them are currently unemployed but there are some exciting projects coming up for them - one (who, brilliantly, wrote her dissertation on theology and chocolate) is off to Australia very soon and another might be jetting off for a winter internship in California. I must admit to being a little jealous of you soon-to-be first years with the huge three-year expanse of University before you. I remember in my last month of home life, I was volunteering at the local community cafe, buying far too many kitchen utensils and spending a lot of my night times being irresponsible in the parks of Kent with my friends from home.

Anyway, back to reality. Yesterday we went for lunch at this lovely Korean place in New Malden and it was delicious - and so cheap! I'm looking forward to more Asian cuisine on Tuesday when it's my British-born Chinese friend's birthday. We're going to a tasty looking place in Docklands. Finally, a word on the riots - London is a lovely, diverse place with mostly decent people and you only have to look at the photographs of vast numbers of broom-carrying citizens to remember this.

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