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Time for goodbye.

Posted 28 Aug 2013 by Bisi


It is so surreUni is over - time to head into the big wide world!al writing this knowing that I am completely finished at Kingston and that I literally have no more work to do! Although it feels nice to have more sleep and time for fun I'm really going to miss my time at Kingston. The time has just flown and I can't believe 3 years have gone already!!

Studying psychology at Kingston has been great as maintaining interest in the modules has been relatively easy as they have been really stimulating - which helps when doing assignments and exams ;). Additionally, I was able to take part in a work based learning module during my 2nd year which gave me good practise for the level of work required in the final year. In my course in particular there has been a great sense of community and loads of study groups, which helps during exam time. We have a great facebook page which has helped us all out a lot when worried about aspects of assignments etc. Studying psychology at Kingston has increased my passion for the subject and increased my drive to achieve high in the field.

As well as studying, being a Student Ambassador has been a major bonus to coming to Kingston. Not only has it given me work experience in an array of areas such as, teamwork, project leading and admin/organisational skills. But it has also provided me with some experiences that I will never ever forget!! Just before my 2nd year I and some other student ambassadors were recruited to take part in a scheme that would help disadvantaged students coming to Kingston University. As a mega, mega bonus we were also told that as part of the role we would be going to University North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) in the USA!!

Trip to the USA with Kingston UniversityThe trip was great fun and we met some AMAZING people - who I'm still in contact with today. We had the chance to meet other student leaders/ambassadors to learn from each other about the differences in university life in the UK compared to USA. Also, we hoped to find out what they did in their university to make it a more fulfilling and achievable experience. And we did!! As a result of this trip the student ambassadors and staff discussed ways in which Kingston could be improved. Through being a student ambassador, course rep or student union officer, students can really make a difference and contribute to how Kingston University is run. This is something I particularly love about Kingston the fact that it tries hard to keep students as the focus.

I've also had great pleasure volunteering during my 2nd & 3rd year at Kingston. One of those roles was as a buddy for a young girl with Asperger's Syndrome (severe learning disability). This role was gained through Kingston University Student Union Volunteering. As a result I now have experience in working with particular individuals that I will most probably work with at some point in the future as a psychologist. This not only has made me more employable but has confirmed to me that this is a career I wish to follow. Therefore, I would really recommend it as something to do if you are unsure about a certain pathway!! PLUS Kingston can help you find the right type of role to suit you!

Volunteering brought me into contact with a lovely lady with AspergersWorking with the Alzheimer's society is another volunteering role that I have done whilst studying. This has given me experience working with individuals with neurodegenerative disorders, again a similar area to what I may experience in the future working within mental health. I would recommend that anyone who wants to gain experience whilst studying should do most of it during 1st and 2nd year as your final year can be demanding and you may not find time to keep on top of your grades. I did most of the volunteering during my 2nd year especially in the summer!!

I'm sad to say bye to Kingston but I am happy and positive about the future. I've just secured a new job working as a support worker for a brain injury assessment and rehabilitation specialists and it was in fact a job that was advertised through the Universities employability officer for my faculty (Arts & Social Sciences). I know that from talking to the interviewer that my experience volunteering had a huge impact on me getting the job. Simply because the role I did as a volunteer is very similar to the current job I just gained, apart from it's paid. Having some basic experience in the type of field you hope to have a career in goes a long way in getting a job when you graduate.

For the future...I am aiming to apply for clinical psychology training in September which I hope to get on to for next year! In the meantime I will be working as much as I can to build up more experience to give me a better chance of getting on the course and to further improve my CV.

Me and some of the amazing people I met at KingstonI have absolutely loved being in a vibrant and mixed environment and meeting such great people. Kingston has really widened my opinion on others and helped expose me to so many new and great things!
All the best,
Bisi x


Some of my fellow ambassadorsSooo what have I been up to in the last few weeks...quite a lot!! A couple of weeks ago I did some Ambassador work which was what we call ‘Outreach work.' This usually entails about 6 Ambassadors that go into a school or college to chat with students about what their future plans are and what our experiences are like as university students. I really enjoy this part of the role as it's a lot of fun chatting to the students and it's always nice to hear what people at school and college expect from university; maybe clearing up any queries they have.

A few days later I, and a few of the other Ambassadors, did some filming for the interactive prospectus that will soon be available....

Back home I quite enjoyed having some snow - I think it looks pretty (I might be a little sad). It was fun while it lasted, although I was hoping that it would be a day off, but it wasn't here for long enough. I enjoyed messing around with my friends in it, we did try to go sledging on a baking tray but it didn't quite work out as planned!!

You can't forget Shrove Tuesday, celebrated of course by making my yummy special pancakes; they are the best - I think.

Another thing that I have been busy with is a group project that I'm doing as part of my course - a lot of hard work but great fun. It basically entails putting together an experiment (a Psychological experiment) where we think about what we want to investigate and then go about planning how to collect data (using skills taught to us in our Research Methods class.) This usually means that Kingston students are our guinea pigs - with consent of course! Then as a group we analyse the data and write up a report.

All in a days work!

There was a time when I really dreaded doing group work, but at university it's something you learn and can get advice on how to improve those skills. Working in groups is something that you often do at university so you get used to it. Team work is a really great skill to develop; most, if not all, employers like to see that you have experience of working in a team and understanding how to run or take part in a group project. These are the great kind of skills you gain at university!!

Top Tip: Keep on top of it! The semester can go so quickly and before you know it you haven't done the work you should have done so you spend extra time cramming in work. I have found ways of trying to manage work and what I have learnt is that the best way to keep up with it is by doing a small amount every day, or every other day (depending on my mood). But it really helps as then you don't have lots of things to catch up on and you can do what you want for the rest of the day!


Hi! This is officially my first blog, so in advance -thanks for spending the time to read it ; )

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Bisi and I am a 2nd year Kingston Psychology student who over the past 4 or 5 weeks has been missing in action (according to my friends) because of the exams and assignments that take place over December and January! Exams can get very stressful and if you don't feel like you're prepared it can feel like things are snowballing quickly. For extra support and help in improving skills or exam strategies as a Kingston student you can utilise Skills space, an intranet site for the students that helps a lot in regards to improving maths and literacy skills and you can even find out the opening times of the skills centre, if you would like to chat with someone in person or just get some extra help on referencing etc.

new year, fresh startI am very pleased to say that exams and assignments are officially over for this semester....yepeeeeee!! Now that all that hard work is out of the way, the New Year is here! I LOVE the New Year, as it gives me a feeling of a fresh start and fresh outlook! I can admit I usually make resolutions I don't ever keep, such as I'm going to stop eating so much chocolate...NEVER HAPPENS...but on a more serious note, I do have great expectations for this year and I am excited about what is to come!

There is no better feeling than knowing you have finished work for a while and having that well earned time to recuperate....phew! What I do are the things that I am usually too busy for like going to the gym - exercise is well needed after all that Xmas and New Year scoffing! And of course make time to chill out with friends go out clubbing and shopping and pamper myself a little (we deserve it after all that hard work). A few days before I go back for the 2nd semester I like to get organised and find out what I'm going to be studying for the next semester and maybe start getting the text books I need by checking on Blackboard - which is a really good facility that the University offers that allows you to access pretty much all the course material from the comfort of your room or where ever you are - we now even can have it available on our mobile phones!  It's good to be ahead at times as then you don't feel so anxious about going back to uni as you know what to expect.

This is a also a great time of year for students who haven't yet decided where they want to go or maybe even the subject. Kingston offers personalised campus tours given by our AMAZING Student Ambassadors. Campus tours give you a great feel for what Kingston is like during term time and you get to ask your tour guide many questions about University life as they are students at Kingston. I would highly recommend coming down and seeing what Kingston is all about and get a feel of what it would be like to attend, before you have even decided where to apply! I especially love the campus tours as they are not as rigid as specific Open days as you don't need to come and speak specifically about your course, it's an opportunity to see if you like Kingston.

I hope that you got a little taste of what the past few weeks have been like for me and I hope that you feel free to ask me whatever questions you would like!

I will be back in a couple of weeks with a rundown of what things have been like upon returning back!! Chow for now xxx

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