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My Graduation!

Posted 17 Dec 2012 by Holly


I have finally graduated!A week ago today, I packed my bags to meet my family in Kingston ready for my graduation ceremony!

I had been so excited to return to Kingston and finally receive my degree, be reunited with all my course friends and of course wear my gown and that iconic hat!

Our ceremony took place in the Rose Theatre, a stunning venue I have spent a lot of time in over the past three years, having studied dance with drama. The atmosphere was buzzing as everyone was reunited and introduced to everyone's parents and family. I even got to say hello to some fellow Ambassadors who were working at the event!

The ceremony was very professional, with a procession from the lecturers and faculty members, followed by a speech from the Dean and Vice Chancellor. Volume increased dramatically however as students from single and combined courses in Dance, Drama, Music, Music Technology, Web Design and English Language and Communication Systems began their procession across the stage.

Well, we are students of the Arts after all! Everyone's enthusiasm and encouragement for their classmates was really inspiring and the day as a whole was lovely.

The class of 2012On Thursday morning, after a night out with friends, I returned back to West London for afternoon lectures for my PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Primary Teaching), which I began this September. So in around 8 month's time, I'll be preparing to wear my second gown and cap and attend graduation number two!

What next

Posted 30 Oct 2012 by Holly


Hi again!

It's been a while since my last blog and finally I have some solid plans now that I've finished my Undergraduate degree. Still seems really weird to say that!

Earlier this Autumn, I moved back to London after a relaxing (very quiet!) summer at my parents to begin a PGCE in Primary Teaching. I'm very excited, but also a bit nervous for another new start in a new place, at a new university and on a new course! Very similar to those of you preparing for Kingston.. except no Freshers week fun now I'm on a postgraduate course (boo!).

I've been asked to think about what I have enjoyed during my time at Kingston and the simple answer to this, to save you pages and pages of reading would be: everything! But if I really had to choose my top answers I would say, studying the subject I'm passionate about, developing my knowledge and self through the experiences I've gained at Kingston, meeting new friends which I can safely say will by friends for life, and trying new things - from skiing, Cheerleading and random things such as a 48 hour scavenger hunt around Britain!

As I'm sure you've heard from siblings, friends. or parents, University really is the best time of your life!

Top tips for the next generation of KU students from me would be:

• Make the most of University - make the most of your course and what you can gain from it and your lecturers, as well as a new place, new friends, and university services. Whether that be sports and society's or the employability and disability services.
• Don't be afraid to try new things! - as important as your studies are, the things you do with your friends and peers are most likely to be the things you remember and stories you tell! Try a new sport, join a wacky society, or why not start your own! Maybe study abroad appeals to you?!
• Always do what is best for you - if you arrive at Kingston and feel like you can't settle don't panic! There are lots of people who can help and remember everyone is in the same boat as you. Not enjoying your course? Do what I did and change it! I altered from a joint honours to a major and minor subject. I've known people change courses completely, or if you just really hate that module, don't choose it in your second year!

I think that explains everything I feel I should say! Enjoy it, make the most of it, I can say with confidence your three years (maybe more?!) will zoom past and you'll enjoy it so much you won't want to leave!

Hopefully in a years time I will be writing you guys another blog and will be able to tell you what I've been up to, post graduation (cant wait to wear my gown and cap!), employability wise, and if my new University measured up to Kingston.
They've got some big shoes to fill!



I'm sat writing this in my last drama rehearsal before my last ever exam at 9am on Monday morning! We're having a break, I'm not skiving I promise! Over the past two weeks I have completed all of my exams and handed in all of my essays. I'm looking forward to finishing on Monday as this module has been quite stressful, and the dance staff have organised a graduation boat party for us, which we're all really excited about.

But I can't help looking back over the past three years and feeling really nostalgic. My degree seems to have gone so quick, and as I am awaiting my results to find out if I have a definite place on my postgraduate course, the immediate future seems fairly uncertain for me. Which as an organised person, panics me a little!

Some of my friends are moving back to their hometowns, some are going travelling and the rest of us are still unsure, which is all quite emotional as we've shared the past three years together. I'm sure a few of you are feeling very similar as you prepare for exams, results, and moving on to university.

In this blog I just wanted to emphasis that even though you are all probably sick to death of revision, to continue to work hard in this final push. Also to make the most of your final college days, do something with your friends and family to celebrate the end of exams and begin to look forward to what lies ahead for you in September.

When it comes to results, don't panic if you haven't achieved what you needed for your first choice, often universities will accept you if your results were very close and there's also your insurance choice or the option of going through Clearing to find another university place. We spend so much time worrying about options and our future, as long as we all work continuously hard throughout our exams, I'm sure things will work out for the best!

Good luck!!

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