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A few months ago me and a few other students were whisked away to a top secret TV film shoot... it was Celebrity Masterchef and here is a video I did after it was all over.

My second video blog!

Uploaded 25 Jul 2013 by Sara Ann

Summer in the North East, applying for jobs and starting to worry about beginning my third year in September 2013.

It's all over!

Uploaded 12 Jul 2013 by Emma

A video blog from the end of the degree show

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Summer Time as a Graduate (again!)
Posted 1 Oct 2014 by Renai

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Posted 29 Sep 2014 by Rachel

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Recipe: Blueberry and Passion Fruit Drizzle Squares
Posted 26 Sep 2014 by Hannah

Hello everyone, I hope you've all had a great summer! I wanted my first blog post to be a recipe bec...