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This was a second year module called Devising in the Community, where we were put into groups and each assigned to different theatre based projects in Kingston's greater community. We chose to work with the elderly and were assigned to work with an Age Concern day centre based in New Malden. We ran and led 10 workshops with 14 members of the centre and got marked by our tutor, on a final performance we devised with them. The project really helped develop my leadership, organisational and communicative skills within a professional working environment. It also gave me a chance to work with a group of people that I wouldn't usually come into contact with and has opened my mind to how community based theatre can be so rewarding for both participants and facilitators

An interview with Compact students

Uploaded 3 Jul 2013 by Adam

With Head Start getting closer I interview a few students who attended last year.

Making friends at Uni

Uploaded 3 Jul 2013 by Alice

A rather drunken and then sober look at making friends when I started university!

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