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Roehampton Vale campus development

The Roehampton Vale campus is designed to provide teaching rooms and laboratories exclusively for engineering students

Roehampton Vale is on the outskirts of Kingston, about 3.5 miles from the town centre and close to Richmond Park. The free university bus connects Roehampton Vale with the other campuses. As part of our 10-year Estate Vision, we are considering the best plans for the Roehampton Vale campus. This could include the vacation of Roehampton Vale to concentrate the University in Kingston (Roehampton is in Wandsworth) while continuing to maintain a joint faculty with St George's University of London, in Tooting. In the long term we do not envisage using the campus for teaching activities, given the need to modernise and improve facilities for engineering students. 

Does this mean more students at Kingston Hill?

In terms of learning and teaching facilities, the campus development plan is firmly focused on improving facilities for student learning. The two schools of engineering currently at Roehampton Vale would benefit from better teaching facilities at Kingston Hill, in the plan under consideration.

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