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Academic progression and promotion

Equality, diversity and inclusion need to be at the heart of everything we do at Kingston University. A key element of this is to ensure the University itself has practices that benefit a diverse staff and student body. To help meet this need we have fundamentally changed the system and culture of academic progression and promotion (APP) at the University, so that routes to the highest tiers of academia are open to all. This ongoing project is recognised as innovative and an example of best practice, having received the prestigious Guardian University Award for Diversity Initiative 2014.

Before the project

Before the project began, the career path for academic staff at Kingston University was typical of higher education in the UK. To achieve the professorial grade, candidates usually followed a research-heavy career path. The result was that many of the top jobs at the University and indeed the higher education sector are held predominantly by white men.

About the project

The University has taken a number of 'cross-cutting' steps to mainstream equality, diversity and inclusion in this academic change. This includes:

  • providing additional routes for career progression other than purely research-based, including teaching and learning or professional practice; and
  • ensuring academic staff are recognised for their work, to improve the retention and attainment of their diverse students.

Also, equality, diversity and inclusion is now included in official demonstrations and case studies for completing an application, used in terms of reference for the Education and the Quality Enhancement Committees, and is promoted across job criteria.

Opening up career paths at the University is not just about changing policies regarding recruitment and promotion. It is also, more importantly, about challenging people's mindsets. As such, the University has taken a number of practical and innovative steps to bring equality, diversity and inclusion to the forefront of recruiters' and managers' decision making. These included running a number of workshop sessions to shine a light on equality, diversity and inclusion, and panel training to help interviewers recognise their own, albeit unconscious or implicit bias. These ensured a wide and interested audience were informed about equality, diversity and inclusion and helped win over the sceptics.

To ensure we are taking the right steps and moving in the right direction, all of our academic progression and promotion work is backed up by robust evidence and data.

An ongoing project that is building results

Kingston University is making good progress towards true equality, diversity and inclusion across academic progression and promotion. The groundwork has been completed and is beginning to make an impact.

Academic Career and Development Framework

Kingston's Academic Career and Development Framework is known as ‘Domains'. The Domains project is designed to provide an inclusive academic career framework which supports and invests in staff research, training, development and activity at all career stages and provides guidance as to the standards and expectations that staff will aspire to within their role and domain.

It has been developed in recognition of the diversity and interconnectivity of career activities and roles undertaken in a modern university including: knowledge transfer, business and income generation, knowledge exchange, impact, professional practice and scholarship, in addition to teaching and research. The University is committed to supporting and investing in staff to develop their skills and knowledge in producing quality teaching, research, business activity and professional practice as befits their expertise and career aspirations.

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