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Value added scores at Kingston University

At Kingston University (KU) we are focusing on Value Added (VA) scores, as used in the Guardian League tables, as our principle measure of BME under attainment.

What are VA scores?

The essential fact about VA scores is that they take account of a student's prior entry qualifications and subject of study when assessing their degree attainment.

By using data for all UK domiciled graduates across Higher Education (HE) for the last five years, broken down by entry qualifications and subject of study, we can arrive at a probability that a given student will achieve a 1st/2:1 degree.  By aggregating these probabilities we can produce an 'expected' percentage of a given cohort of students who should achieve a 1st/2:1 degree.  If the cohort achieves this percentage the VA score is 1. For percentage attainment above or below this percentage the VA score is proportionately greater or less than one.

For KU as a whole in 2014/15, given their entry qualifications and subjects of study and based on the previous five years results across HE, 69% of our BME students would have been expected to get a 1st/2:1 degree. Ultimately, only 63% did, giving a Value Added Score of 0.91. In contrast, while 72% of our white students were expected to get a 1st/2:1 degree, 79% did, giving a Value Added Score of 1.11. This is shown graphically below.

VA scores

What VA data is available?

VA data is available for the last six years for KU subjects, schools, and faculties. There is also comparative VA data for subjects nationally.

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