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Cleaning, health and safety

Health and safety checks

During your stay in halls, we will carry out health and safety checks each term. If there is an issue with your equipment or the cleanliness of your room, we will leave you a check sheet with a date by which the problem must be rectified. We will then re-check the room/area and take further action if needed. Checks include communal areas – if we find these to be unsatisfactory, we will bring contract cleaners in and you may be charged for this.


You must not overload electrical sockets or use square adapter plugs in your room or in the kitchen. However, we do permit the use of fused four-way extension leads. We will remove any electrical items deemed unsafe. If you are unsure, please ask for advice from reception.

If you are an international student, please remember that you must not use two-pin plugs without a suitable three-pin adapter. You can purchase these adapters in local shops. Please ask reception for advice on arrival.


Smoking is now banned by law in all enclosed and substantially enclosed public buildings – it is therefore prohibited in all bedrooms, kitchens and communal areas. Failing to comply will result in disciplinary action.

Smoking is only permitted in outdoor, uncovered areas at least 10 metres away from the buildings. This is so that non-smokers do not have to walk through areas where people are smoking.


You are responsible for cleaning your own bedroom. The cleaning of kitchen and corridor areas is the collective responsibility of all residents in the flat.

We have designed a cleaning rota to help you – you will find this on the notice board in your flat, along with details of when the weekly cleaning check of communal areas will take place. This is to ensure that you are cleaning the flat to an acceptable standard. However, you should not only rely on the cleaning schedule but ensure that you clean up after yourself on a daily basis:

  • Washing up: dirty crockery and pans are unhygienic and a safety hazard. Please wash up and clear away within 24 hours.
  • Fridge and freezer: these should be defrosted regularly to maintain efficiency and avoid damage. Stacking the fridge and freezer too full will block air circulation and reduce chilling efficiency.
  • Rubbish: residents are responsible for removing rubbish from their rooms and the kitchen. To ensure that hygiene levels are maintained and vermin discouraged, you must not leave rubbish outside flats or outside the bin shed. Disciplinary action will result from any rubbish thrown from windows or strewn around the site.
  • Black bin bags and vacuum cleaner bags: these are available free of charge from reception.
  • Recycling: all sites have recycling bins for paper, cans and glass. You should not keep empty glass bottles for decoration in your bedroom or kitchen. Please take them to the recycling bins.

If you know you will be absent for the cleaning check, please arrange for appropriate cover with your flatmates to avoid any cleaning charges, and let your cleaner and reception know.

You will be charged individually or collectively if extra or contract cleaning is necessary. If the area on the cleaning rota is not cleaned to a high standard on inspection, the resident responsible will be charged a minimum of £18 (administration fee of £11.75 and 30-minute cleaning charge of £6.25). Additional cleaning will be charged at an extra £6.25 for each 30 minutes.

Accidents and first aid

Report all accidents in halls, no matter how small, to reception within 24 hours. Hall management or security will take a full report.

Contact reception for first-aid assistance during the normal opening hours of reception or outside of these times please use the out of hours contact details as displayed at the hall of residence. If you are in any doubt as to the extent of your injury, do not hesitate to seek further medical treatment/advice.

Maintenance issues/fault reporting

Report all faults to reception as soon as possible and write them in the maintenance book.

The on-site caretaking or maintenance staff will investigate and fix, if possible, all reported faults within 24 hours. At weekends we will deal with the problem on the next working day, unless it is classed as an emergency.

Sometimes it may be difficult to resolve maintenance problems – if we are unable to rectify the problem immediately, we will endeavour to inform you and, where necessary, offer you alternative facilities.

Cleaning and damages charges appeal procedure

If you disagree with a cleaning or damage charge, you should speak to halls management immediately and discuss the reasons why you should not be charged. The halls management will consider your request to remove the charge and, if there are grounds for waiving that charge, will reverse the charge on your account.

If the halls management do not consider the grounds to be suitable, you may appeal to the KUSCO halls residential manager. You will need to state the grounds for your appeal in writing within seven days of being notified of the decision by halls management. The decision of the KUSCO halls residential manager is final in respect of cleaning and damages charges.