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Car parking

Students in University Halls of Residence can apply for an electronic parking permit only for the Halls of Residence in which they are resident. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Students can park in areas designated for student use only, where applicable.

You must have a valid electronic parking permit at all times, and park your vehicle in the designated car parking bays only. Any vehicle improperly parked or without a valid electronic parking permit, may face receiving a Parking Charge Notice (PCN). All charges incurred are issued by the authorised contractor and are a matter between you and them. Persistent offenders may be denied access to the site.

Please be aware that your electronic parking permit is for your car and for your hall of residence only. The misuse of your electronic parking permit may result in it being revoked without reimbursement. KUSCO and Grosvenor Facilities Management reserve the right to refuse to issue an electronic parking permit to any student.

Visitors must also have an electronic parking permit. The resident must register for an electronic parking permit from reception, not their guest.

Please note that there is a maximum speed limit of 10mph in operation on all sites, and noise levels from stereos must be reduced to a minimum to avoid disturbing others. The misuse of car horns is not permitted on any site.

All vehicles brought onto the University site are done so at the owner's risk. The University accepts no responsibility for accidents or damage. Please ensure that your vehicle is locked when unattended.


If you wish to bring a bicycle to University, you can park it in our secure bicycle racks or bicycle sheds. No bicycles are permitted within the flats under any circumstances. Bicycles are left at the owner's risk when on University property and should be insured.

Intersite bus service

There is a free bus service that operates for staff and students across the University's sites. More information is available at