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Middle Mill

Middle Mill is right next to Kingston School of Art's Knights Park campus, just a few minutes' walk from Penrhyn Road and very close to Kingston Town Centre. Our 204 rooms in Middle Mill are standard rooms with a wash basin in each room. Kitchen, bathroom, shower and toilet facilities are shared with the other residents in your flat.

Our free intersite bus service stops in Kingston Town Centre and at Penrhyn Road so you can easily reach any of the University's campuses.

Our Middle Mill rooms offer:

  • a single-study bedroom with a wash basin in your room
  • rooms arranged in flats with three to eight students sharing a kitchen, bath, shower and toilet facilities
  • free WiFi
  • launderette facilities on campus
  • take a virtual tour

Room costs for 2021/22

Licence type
Weekly fees
Total cost for year
Undergraduate students (40 weeks)
£156 £6,240
Art Foundation students (40 weeks) £156 £6,240
Postgraduate students (50 weeks) £156 £7,800

One flat in Middle Mill is designated as a "show flat" – we use this flat on up to ten University Open Days per year to show our halls to prospective students and visitors. Students in these flats receive credit against their halls fees for the disruption and the student whose room is shown to visitors receives an additional credit. If you would like to apply for a room in a show flat please select the 'Show Flat' icon when you log on to OSIS and book your room.

View a copy of our Terms and Conditions to occupy a Halls Room.