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Houses for students

Kingston University liaises between students and resident groups with the aim of building positive relationships. We work hard to ensure students are aware of appropriate behaviour, but there are steps that landlords can take to help us minimise complaints.

Please read our information about the University and the local community if you are looking for advice about students and local residents.


We receive many complaints about the state of the gardens in student houses. The following actions will reduce the problem:

  • Arrange for regular visits from a gardener to maintain the property.
  • Gravel or pave the front and back lawns so that regular mowing is not required.
  • Provide tenants with the necessary tools to maintain the garden themselves, and ensure this is stipulated in the contract.


Please ensure your tenants are aware of the days when rubbish or recycling is collected, and that sufficient bins are provided for the property. Additional bins are available from the Council Waste Services department.


The majority of complaints received from local residents are to do with excessive noise or parties. Please support the University by making clear to student tenants that they are expected to show consideration for their neighbours. If students are found to be persistently causing an unacceptable level of noise and disturbance, further action should be taken under the terms of the contract. The University may also take disciplinary action, as appropriate.


Please recommend the number of cars allowed at the property, based on the parking spaces available. Disorganised and inconsiderate parking can cause a lot of tension between students and their neighbours.

Living conditions

When letting a property to students, also remember to:

  • allow plenty of storage space in kitchen areas – although students are living together, they may cook individually;
  • make sure that furniture meets current fire safety regulations and is of a good standard;
  • ensure there is enough seating, as students often have lots of visitors;
  • provide a bike rack so that bikes can be secured safely against theft;
  • provide smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, alarms and fire blankets – tenants should receive a copy of the up-to-date gas safety certificate issued by a Gas Safety-registered engineer;
  • avoid carpets in the bathroom;
  • give tenants at least 24-hours notice before visiting the property; and
  • provide an inventory of all items in the property and their condition before letting the property.