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Lodgings for international and EU students

If you are an EU or international student studying at Kingston for the first time and for less than one year, you can book a room in lodgings.

A lodging is a single room in a private house with a resident landlord or landlady.

You will have:

  • a furnished bedroom, including bed, desk, chair and storage;
  • access to the kitchen to prepare your meals;
  • access to the bathroom; and
  • bedding and cooking utensils/equipment.

Lodgings are particularly convenient if you are staying in Kingston for less than a full academic year. Please remember that living in lodgings is not the same as being placed with a host family, as you will live separately from the householder.

Rent, including all bills, usually between £85 and £130 per week. You will also need to allow for food costs, phone, travel and social expenses.

How to book a room in lodgings

All lodgings are advertised on the KU Student Homes website. The Property Type will be listed as "Lodgings" or "Resident Landlord Property" in the advert.

Make sure the contract length for the lodging is appropriate for your period of study. If you will be at Kingston for Teaching Block One, this will be listed as September to December. Teaching Block Two will be listed as January to April.

The advert will contain the contact details for the landlord/landlady. You will need to contact them to make arrangements as quickly as possible as lodgings are often in high demand. Don't be afraid to ask for more information such as pictures or documentation before committing to a contract.

What happens when I move in?

You will be asked to pay a week's rent when you arrive, plus another week's rent as a deposit. Rent is payable on the same day each week and the householder should provide you with a receipt.

The householder will also have a copy of the Recommended Standards for Lodgings but remember to ask for any other house rules before you arrive. For example, when is a good time to have visitors?

What if I want to move out?

If you want to leave your lodgings, you must give one week's notice from the day rent is paid. The owner will return your deposit unless it is needed to cover damage to the property or rent you still owe. You must also contact us to let us know that you wish to leave.