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Student enterprise accelerator weekend

As part of our series of events linked to the Bright Ideas competition, we are pleased to launch our second accelerator style weekend! During Trigger, in January, we helped a number of companies form their ideas and now we will be helping attendees validate and launch their businesses. Attendees at the 3-day boot camp will use lean start-up methodology to identify and test early customers, validate their business ideas and create a pitch deck that clearly outlines the business opportunity to potential investors.

Who's it for?

The Bright Ideas accelerator is for anyone at the advanced stages of researching an idea, or at the beginning stages of trading. The programme has been designed to help you with a faster route to market, introduce you to mentors that can help you develop your idea, and help you raise funds for your start-up.

How to apply

Please register your interest, we'd love to hear from you!

My feedback is very positive, there was lots of information, but very useful and to the point. It was very helpful and gained skills and met great people and made friends. So it was lovely from all aspects. Radgha Tapponi, Zeonbiaa

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