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Frequently asked questions

The bidding process for the Bright Ideas to Start Up programme has now opened. If you are part of our entrepreneurship programme at Kingston University you are eligible to bid for some financial support towards your business or project. If you are not yet a member of the entrepreneurship programme, you need to have attended our Bright Ideas to Start Up sessions, entered Bright Ideas or be on our Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa. If you have not yet participated in any of these then please get on our mailing list and you'll find out when our next events are.

How do I apply for money from the bidding fund?

To apply for money from our bidding fund participants must complete The Bright Ideas to Start Up Bidding Form. You must supply information on what you would like to spend the money on, exactly how it will benefit your business/idea and also provide evidence to support the price(s) you have quoted for the product or service you are planning to purchase to bring your idea to the next level. 

How much can I apply for?

You can apply for a maximum of £500.

What is the best use of the money?

The money must be cover 100 per cent of the product(s)/service(s) that will be funded by the bid. We will not top-up or contribute to a product/service. E.g. we will not pay £500 towards the development of a £2000 website.

If we find that we can provide you with a better quote from a reliable supplier we may ask you to use our preference.

Applications that are rated highly are those that involve using the service(s) of another Kingston University student or graduate.

Priority will be given to bids that match these criteria.

What can't I apply for?

You cannot apply for capital equipment such as printers, cameras, mobile phones for example. Bids must be for products/services that provide a direct benefit to the idea that you are trying to develop, it shouldn't be for products/services that could benefit any business. Good examples are business cards or marketing material.

We advise you not to bid for a shopping list of products/services unless there is clear rationale - i.e. these 10 parts will enable you to create a working prototype.

You cannot apply for money to support a project/idea for an organisation that you work for.

You cannot apply for money to pay someone's wages that works for you or another organisation.

This money cannot be used to bid for a Young Enterprise (start-up a business course) project.

What evidence must I give to support the bid?

You must provide at least two quotes for each service/product you are applying for. These quotes can be screen shots of emails, PDF's or links to a website. One of these quotes must be the quote you are going with.

Who assesses the bid?

The bids are assessed by a committee. Their decision is final.

What is taken into consideration when assessing the bid?

  • Attendance/participation in Bright Ideas to Start Up programme
  • Entering the Bright Ideas competition 
  • The impact the product/service will have on the success of the idea
  • Value for money
  • Involvement of Kingston University student(s) or graduate(s)

When will the decision be made?

The deadline to apply for the funding is on the application form. We aim to have the bids reviewed and a decision to you within 30 days of this date.

What happens next?

You will be notified if your bid is successful via email. All successful applicants will receive their money into their bank account and will be expected to send proof of when and how the money has been spent.

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