Kingston University community pledge

At Kingston University, we take active steps to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for all members of our community – our students, staff and visitors. We recognise the importance of embracing different ideas, histories, knowledge, and cultures, and value the strength and quality this diversity brings to our work and studies. In the context of the coronavirus pandemic it is essential now, more than ever, that we support each other, show respect and consideration for all members of our community, and work together to uphold our institutional values.

With this in mind, we encourage all staff and students to take a few moments to read and commit to the principles and values within this pledge, which has been drawn up with the support of the Union of Kingston Students.

  • I will follow government and University guidance for staff and students to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. I understand guidance is likely to change regularly, so will take personal responsibility for ensuring I am up to date with the latest information. If I experience Covid-19 symptoms I will report this to and follow guidance to self-isolate and get a test. I accept my personal responsibility to help make sure the areas where we live, work, and study are as safe as they can be.

  • I will show kindness, empathy and due consideration to others. I understand the importance of providing friendship, helping people avoid loneliness and isolation, and treating them with patience and compassion. I will do whatever I can to maintain my own wellbeing and support others – my friends, colleagues, classmates and members of the wider community.

  • I will be inclusive and respectful of those around me. I acknowledge that I may not know other people's personal circumstances and that it is vital for me to remain aware and considerate, responding positively to the concerns of others. I know this is a rapidly changing situation and one which requires everyone's ongoing attention and vigilance. As we learn and work together, I will do all that I can to ensure everyone in the Kingston University community has the best experience possible.

If you have a query related to Covid-19, or a concern about the behaviour of others that you feel unable to raise with them directly, please contact putting ‘Covid query' in the subject line. We will offer support and take the necessary steps to positively resolve your concern.