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Cafe Scientifique: Now You See It...

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Time: 7.00pm - 10.00pm
Venue: Woody's, Ram Passage, Kingston
Price: free
Speaker(s): Prof Andy Augousti

Cafe Scientifique: Now You See It...

Come along to Woody's to Cafe Scientifique and enjoy the discussion over a drink. You don't need to be involved in science or technology to join in – just have an interest and open mind.


Everybody likes a good visual illusion. But the range of different types of illusion is very wide, and also depends to some extent on individual eyes, with some illusions based on colour perception, others on spatial resolution and yet others dependent on time. We will look at a range of illusions and discuss how and why these come about.


Prof Andy Augousti is professor of Applied Physics and Instrumentation at Kingston University.  His research interests include optical instrumentation, fibre optic sensors for measurement, and microgravity environments.  In broader terms, Andy researches and teaches in the areas of astronomy, general physics and optics.

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