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CIS Annual Industrial Lecture: “The Challenges in ICT: Debunking the Hype”

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Time: 6.30pm - 7.30pm

CIS Annual Industrial Lecture: “The Challenges in ICT: Debunking the Hype”

ICT has - in the last 50 years - changed the world of business, learning and leisure more than any other technology or influence.  Imagine if we took computers out of the world. It would take every man, woman and child in UK working 24/7/365 to manage the banking transactions.  Transport would stop. Communications would stop.  TV and radio would stop.  Financial services would stop.  Hospitals could not operate effectively.  Manufacturing would stop.  Retail would stop.

Even your car, fridge, washing machine, home TV, central heating system would stop.

The management of ICT and gaining the best cost-benefit (by hiding complexity using autonomic techniques) is a perpetual challenge.  The newest concept is CLOUD Computing.  It follows (and to some extent incorporates) many previous concepts such as GRID computing, Cluster Computing, Distributed Computing, Client-Server computing, Service-oriented architecture, Model-driven software development and many more.

We shall explore what CLOUD computing is and what it means for us all in the context of the modern ICT environment.  We shall also consider whether or not it provides a solution to the major underlying challenges in ICT.  WE shall also look forward to what is coming next.

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Speaker: Professor Keith Jeffrey

Venue: Roberts Lecture Theatre, Sopwith Building, Penrhyn Road
Ticket Price: Free
Contact: Anne Williams on