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CIS Annual Professorial Lecture: "Unified Information Spaces"

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Time: 6.30pm - 7.30pm

CIS Annual Professorial Lecture:

Unified Information Spaces lecture will endeavour to tell a story about the tremendous transformations in our society brought about by the continuity of access to information and a revolution in communications - through a personal professional journey. The thrust of the talk will be on the key discoveries and breakthroughs that enabled this seamless integration of information spaces and a potential it has for our business, education - and everyday life. Particular emphasis will be placed on the ways we search for information, we explore, we share knowledge, we use collective intelligence - even while on the move - and how it helped taking knowledge acquisition and sharing to another level. Are there any new paradigms in our communications and ways of work and life emerging? Where does the technology seem to be going and is there a new science emerging out of these intertwined phenomena? It will be fun to think about it collectively - do come along and share your ideas!

Speaker: Professor Vesna Brujic-Okretic

Venue: Roberts Lecture Theatre, Sopwith Building, Penrhyn Road
Ticket Price: Free
Contact: Anne Williams on