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Pilots: Navigating Next Models of Design Education

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Pilots: Navigating Next Models of Design Education

The internet has an insatiable capacity to disseminate new knowledge far beyond the realms of traditional academia. With such seemingly limitless expertise readily available to consume via the web, how can such knowledge be effectively appropriated/applied by disciplines that develop by exploiting the dynamics of group-based learning, making through physical interaction and practical collaboration?

Pilots converts the Stanley Picker Gallery into a testing station for a series of experiments in design education that seek to combine diverse web-based expertise from worldwide educational institutions - whether scientific, political, philosophical, creative, medical, etc - with collaborative group activity based within the physical space of the gallery.

Pilots will demonstrate, through direct application, the ways in which group activity might respond and adapt to an increasing culture of web-based learning; navigating varying combinations of subject expertise ('Content'), physical scenario ('Context') and practical guidance ('Control'). Each week, a group of project participants will collaborate to create work (a graphic, an object, an action and a text) in direct response to a subject expertise presented to them via a web-based lecture or demonstration.

Venue: Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University, Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture, Knights Park, Kingston KT1 2QJ
Dates: Tuesday 23 April - Saturday 25 May
Tel: 020 8417 4074

Twitter @PickerGallery

Free entry: Tuesday-Saturday 11am - 5pm, Wednesday until 7pm