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Cafe Scientifique: The truth about Rudolph

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Time: 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Cafe Scientifique: The truth about Rudolph

According to the carol, it was Rudolph the Reindeer's very shiny red nose that helped guide Santa and fellow reindeers through a particularly foggy Christmas Eve.

But recent research has shown that in reality Rudolph's luminous nose would not have been needed. Dr Juliet Dukes from the School of Life Sciences was part of the team that carried out the work and she will be discussing this at a Café Scientifique Christmas themed talk.

The research found that Arctic reindeers change eye colour through the seasons to help them adapt to the dramatic changes of light in the polar region, helping them see better in the continuous darkness of winter.

Where: Café Scientifique, Woodys, Kingston upon Thames
When: 10 December, 7.00 pm
Cost: Free