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History research

The history research group at Kingston has established itself as one of the University's leading research areas enjoying an international reputation for high quality historical research. Research strengths centre upon post-1750 British, continental European, American and African history, and the history of ideas.

Specific areas of staff research expertise include:

  • culture and society in 18th century Britain
  • the British empire
  • British political thought
  • the French Revolution and French political thought
  • German history in the 19th century
  • the history of medicine
  • gender and family history
  • the history of labour and workers
  • fascism and contemporary right-wing extremism
  • African history in the 20th century

How to apply

If you are interested in studying for a research degree, the first step is to submit your research proposal to the Research Student Co-ordinator (tel: +44 (0)20 8417 2304). Please produce your proposal using the following research proposal guidelines.

Research groups and projects

Cultural Histories @ Kingston

Cultural Histories @ Kingston

Cultural Histories @ Kingston (CHK) is an interdisciplinary research group at Kingston University. Centred around the concept of the 'cultural text', the group includes scholars from the fields of literature, film, media, history, music, dance, performance, journalism and publishing, who are brought together by a shared interest in the way in which narratives - written, visual, and performative - shape and have shaped individual and communal experience, material culture, and everyday life.

Centre for the Historical Record (CHR)

Centre for the Historical Record (CHR)

The Centre promotes collaborative research and knowledge exchange between historians, archivists, curators, heritage providers and the public.

Historic Hospital Admission Records Project (HHARP)

Historic Hospital Admission Records Project (HHARP)

HHARP is an active ongoing partnership between Kingston University's Centre for the Historical Record and four children's hospital archives. It is a key resource for people interested in the history of children's medicine; and has also proved of great interest to family historians. It is already being cited by historians in their work on childhood disease and is used as a teaching tool in a number of university history departments.

Research interests

Staff research interests

The history of contemporary British politics and society

Britain and the world since 1850, with particular reference to empire, Germany and international organisations

19th century German history

French history in the 18th and 19th centuries

The history of war and society

  • Dr Mark Williams

Public history

History of Fascism and right-wing extremism

  • Dr Steve Woodbridge

Trade unions and labour movements in historical perspective

  • Prof Craig Phelan

Modern religious history

The history of medicine

Gender and family history

The history of political thought

20th century African history

Current PhD, MPhil and MA by research students

Keith Atkins
Year completed: In progress
Project: 'Cottage Hospitals: Their foundation, development and contribution to community health in England and Wales, 1860 to 1949'
Supervisors: Dr Susan Hawkins and Prof Craig Phelan

Carlos de la Huerta
Year completed: In progress
Project: 'French Counter-Espionage, 1792-1815'
Supervisors: Dr Marisa Linton and Dr John Stuart

Robert Johnson
Year completed: In progress
Project: 'St Paul's Cathedral, 1790-1850: Perspectives of an Institution'
Supervisors: Dr John Stuart and Dr Marisa Linton

Allen McClymont
Year completed: In progress
Project: 'OMF missionaries in West Malaysia, 1952-72'
Supervisors: Dr John Stuart and Prof Craig Phelan

Charlotte Mears
Year completed: In progress
Project: 'An Analytical Study of the Representation of Female Nazi Concentration Camp Guards in History and Popular Culture'
Supervisors: Dr Steve Woodbridge and Prof Craig Phelan

Kate Stevens
Year completed: In progress
Project: 'The Integration of French Prisoners of War and French Refugees in British Society during the Napoleonic Wars'
Supervisors: Dr Marisa Linton and Dr Mark Williams

Past PhD students

David Woodward
Year completed: 2012 (Awarded posthumously)
Project: 'Suburban development in five neighbouring south London parishes in the middle decades of the 19th century'
Supervisors Dr Chris French and Professor Keith Grieves

Helen Goepel
Year completed: 2010
Project: 'Children and poverty in the Kingston-upon-Thames Poor Law Union, 1834-1901'
Supervisors Dr Chris French and Dr.John Stuart and Professor Keith Grieves

Jonathan Hoare
Year completed: 2010
Project: 'The evolution of the documentary film during the 1920s and early 1930s'
Supervisors Gerry Turvey and Dr Simon Brown and Professor Peter Beck

Bridget Duckenfield
Year completed: 2010
Project: 'The Abolition of Celibacy at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, c.a. 1840-1880'
Supervisors Professor John Davis and Professor Gail Cunningham and Dr. Mike Hawkins

Ann Andrews
Year completed: 2008
Project: 'The Dublin nationalist press and the development of Irish nationalism, 1842-67'
Supervisors Dr Sally Warwick-Haller and Professor Peter Beck

Pamela Reading
Year completed: 2008
Project: 'Reluctant reformers?: Politics and society in Kingston upon Thames, 1830-1900'
Supervisors Dr Chris French and Dr Andrea Tanner and Professor John Davis

Audrey Giles
Year completed: 2007
Project: 'Railway influence in Kingston upon Thames: paternalism, 'welfarism', and nineteenth century society, 1838-1912'
Supervisors Dr Chris French and Dr Phil Drummond-Thompson

MA by Research Lucy Clarke
Year completed: 2007
Project: 'Louis XIV: his patronage, image and politics'
Supervisors Dr Marisa Linton and Dr Mike Hawkins

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