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Centre for Experimental Research in International Business (CERIB)

The Centre brings together researchers from different areas of expertise in experimental research of economics, psychology, social sciences and international business. The focus is on studying and understanding cooperation and conflict in the international setting. Many years of cross-cultural and interdisciplinary research have contributed to theoretical frameworks and empirical investigations into the behaviour of actors from different cultural and corporate backgrounds. CERIB members conduct research into behavioural and experimental research of managers, employees, political players and entrepreneurs.


CERIB members have an interdisciplinary background and come from the Business School, leading universities in Britain and around the world, and also from industry.

Faculty members

Professor Ursula F. Ott - International Negotiations and Decision Making (Founder and Director)
Dr. Fatima Annan-Diab - Ethical Decision Making in International Business
Dr. Christina Butler - International Team Behaviour
Dr. Konstantinos Pitsakis - Innovation Behaviour in Organizations
Dr. Riccardo Vecchiato - Managerial Cognition and Strategic Decision Making

Advisory board

Professor Mark Casson (Professor of Economics, University of Reading)
Professor Thorsten Chmura (Professor of Industrial, University of Nottingham)
Professor Simon Gaechter (University of Nottingham, Cedex)
Professor Pervez Ghauri (University of Birmingham)
Professor Anne-Wil Harzing (Middlesex University)

Industry collaborations

Michael Gates, Vice Chairman of Richard Lewis Communication Ltd., Associate Fellow of Saïd Business School Oxford and teacher on Oxford Programme on Negotiation
Yuko Kimura, Head of Global Coordination, Daiichi Sankyo Inc. (USA)
Samantha Macro, Regional Finance Director, Johnson Mattey Ltd. and Cambridge Innovation Hub, UK
Iris Schoenmaker, Project Manager for Partner Solutions, Schoenmaker Consulting, New York

Current projects

Cultural Adaptation of Global Managers (Principal Investigator: Prof. Ursula F. Ott - British Academy-funded experiments)

X-Culture (Prof. Vas Taras, University of North Carolina at Greensboro) - research and teaching platform for virtual teams of students from around the world (more than 480 international business professors from 100 universities in 40 countries with industry collaborations) solving tasks for companies: A selected group of students affiliated to the Centre took part from January to March, 2017 and has successfully completed the challenges of Global Teams.

Future projects

National Culture Effects on Decision Making (with Prof Desislava Dikova, Vienna University of Economics and Business, WU Wien)


Import-Export Negotiations - September Experiments
FDI Negotiations
September to December Experiments

Sign up to the experiments by emailing Professor Ursula F. Ott, Director of the Centre, at

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