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Globalisation and Law Group

A double view 'The world is a village'. While the phenomenon of globalisation continues unabated, the law will naturally have to keep pace. In a world inter-related as never before, globalisation has undoubtedly affected the way in which both domestic and international communities have responded to law. This will require a thorough consideration of not only the new forces that inform the development of law, but also the way in which law is likely to evolve in the future.

The rationale for establishing The Globalisation and Law Group (GALG) is to provide a centre of research excellence within Kingston's Department of Law, focusing more specifically on the way in which globalisation informs the development of law. GALG aims to focus on a number of research interests through the common theme of globalisation and law under the auspices of one research centre. The establishment of GALG sits within the University's broad research and internationalisation strategies.

GALG's council comprises the founding members: Eric Jeanpierre, an Erasmus Coordinator and a Senior Lecturer in International and Comparative Law, Dr Raymond Youngs, a Senior Lecturer in German and Comparative Law and Dr Philip Harris, a PhD Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer in Jurisprudence and Immigration Law.

GALG intends to invite colleagues from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, other interested faculties, visiting fellows and other researchers in several eminent European universities and in a number of African institutions, and current as well as past Kingston law students to contribute to the development of the Group.

Through the Centre, the founders and all other researchers that join will consider the synthesis of law and globalisation through the lens of, inter alia:

  • International law
  • Domestic law
  • Comparative law

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