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Integrity Research Group (IRG)

The IRG brings together researchers, professionals and stakeholders from different areas of expertise to advance collective understanding of the causes and dynamics of corruption and to improve anti-corruption policies adopted locally, nationally and at an international level by governments, public bodies and businesses.

Our research focus

  • The systemic socio-economic causes, the forms of manifestation and the consequences of corruption in the private and the public sectors.
  • The promotion of integrity and ethics in business (from small businesses to multinational corporations), government and public bodies (police, health sector etc).
  • Anti-corruption responses such as ethical codes, compliance programs and good practice, developed by businesses and within the public sector; also in comparative perspective.
  • International and supranational legal instruments on integrity and corruption in the private and public sectors.

Our team and network

While the IRG seeks to promote scholarly dialogue that is interdisciplinary and cross-institutional, our priority is also to engage diverse stakeholders involved in the fight against corruption. This includes governmental agencies and officials, corporations, entrepreneurs, non-governmental organisations and activists, and journalists and media, among others.

The IRG counts on a solid team of core and associate members from Kingston University and on a broad international network of external members. Since the promotion of integrity starts from education, we encourage students to take part to our initiatives. Thus we can bridge research and teaching and learning. Indeed, the IRG relies on the enthusiastic support of a proactive team of student contributors. See the full list of our members below.

The IRG considers applications for membership at any time by anyone who has a professional interest in integrity and corruption. Membership is free and any sort of contribution is welcome. To apply for membership please contact our Director Dr Lorenzo Pasculli.

Our mission and initiatives

Our mission is the promotion of integrity, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and other ethical values, such as participation, transparency, proper management and accountability.

We do so, through several initiatives and projects:

  • The IRG Seminar Series: the IRG convenes an annual seminar series on integrity and corruption. Speakers come from the most disparate countries and backgrounds.
  • Publications: the IRG promotes the dissemination of relevant research outcomes through various publications, including academic publications and online articles.
  • Research projects: the IRG is committed to preparing research projects to develop a better understanding on corruption and improve anti-corruption practices around the world.
  • Events: IRG members regularly promote and participate in events and conferences worldwide to foster awareness and research on integrity and corruption and to produce impact on anti-corruption policies.



Dr Lorenzo Pasculli (Department of Law, Kingston University)

Core members

Associate members

  • Dr Alison Baverstock (Department of Humanities, Kingston University)
  • Professor Joseph Bailey (Kingston University)
  • Peter Finn (Department of Politics, Kingston University)
  • Malgorzata Hussain (Kingston University, University of Portsmouth)
  • Dr Konstantina Kalogeropoulou (Department of Law, Kingston University)
  • Dr Raymond Youngs (Department of Law, Kingston University)

External members

  • Mohamed Ahmed (Senior Prosecutor, Egyptian Attorney General's Office)
  • Gianluca Amadori (President of the Association of Journalists of Veneto)
  • Dr Anna Bradshaw (Of Counsel, Peters & Peters solicitors LLP, London)
  • Professor Mark Button (Director and founder of the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth)
  • Dr Alberto Carrio (Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona Department of Law)
  • Professor Maria Lucia Di Bitonto (LUISS "Guido Carli" University of Rome - Department of Law; University of Camerino - School of Law)
  • Professor Martin S Flaherty (Leitner Family Professor of Law and Founding Co-Director of the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice at Fordham Law School)
  • Professor Gabriele Fornasari (University of Trento Law School)
  • Dr Markus Frischhut (Jean Monnet Chair "European Integration & Ethics", MCI Management Center Innsbruck)
  • Dr Gaetano Galluccio Mezio (LUISS "Guido Carli" University of Rome - Department of Law)
  • Sarah Gansen (EU Relations Officer, Ministry of the Interior - Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption)
  • Dr Costantino Grasso (Coventry University, Editor in Chief of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Blog)
  • Nicholas Griffin (Queen's Counsel, QEB, Hollis Whiteman, London)
  • James Hines (Queen's Counsel, 3 Raymond Buildings, Grays Inn, London)
  • Gabriel Kuris (Deputy Director of the Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity, Columbia Law School)
  • Mario Magarò (investigative journalist)
  • Professor Francesco Saverio Mennini (Research Director of the Economic Evaluation and HTA, University of Rome "Tor Vergata")
  • Scott Milligan (former Director of Legal Services, Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK)
  • Professor Paolo Moro (University of Padova Law School)
  • Carlo Nordio (Deputy Prosecutor, Prosecution Office of Venice)
  • Michael O'Kane (Partner, Head of Business Crime, Peters & Peters solicitors LLP, London)
  • Dr Axel Palmer (Bristol Law School, University of the West of England)
  • Matthias Pirs (EU Coordination Officer, Austrian EU Council Presidency)
  • Professor José Luis Pérez Triviño (Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona Department of Law)
  • Dr Marco Cristiano Petrassi (Senior Associate, SZA Law Firm)
  • Dr Debora Provolo (University of Padova Law School)
  • Professor Silvio Riondato (University of Padova Law School)
  • Professor José Manuel Ríos Corbacho (Director of the Forum of law, ethics and sport at the University of Cadiz; Deputy director of the Andalusian Institute of Criminology)
  • Jennifer G Rodgers (Executive Director of the Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity, Columbia Law School)
  • Dr Alessandro Rosanò (University of Padua Law School)
  • Adrien Roux (Aix-Marseille University, Université de la Polynésie française)
  • Professor Nicholas Ryder (Bristol Law School, University of the West of England)
  • Professor Paolo Sommaggio (University of Trento)
  • Dr Julien Topal (Director of the Foundation for Integrity and Anti-Corruption FFIAC)
  • Maxim Tucker (Journalist at The Times)
  • Professor Sergio Vinciguerra (University of Turin, Department of Law)


  • Professor Brian Cathcart (Department of Journalism, Publishing and Media, Kingston University)
  • Dr Stephen Gourlay (Kingston Business School)
  • Professor Michael Wynn (Department of Law, Kingston University)

Student contributors

  • King Abeyie (Department of Law, Kingston University)
  • Zohalle Ahmad (Department of Law, Kingston University)
  • Thisakar Arunasalam (Department of Law, Kingston University)
  • Rhea Cabral (Department of Law, Kingston University)
  • Gianluca Fabiano (Economic Evaluation and HTA, University of Rome "Tor Vergata")
  • Ella Greaves-King (Department of Law, Kingston University)
  • Nainesh Patel (Department of Law, Kingston University)
  • Dilpreet Virk (Department of Law, Kingston University)


  • Economic Evaluation and HTA (EEHTA) at the Centre for Economic and International Studies (CEIS) of the Faculty of Economics - University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
  • Financial Crime Research Network (FCRN) at the Bristol Law School, University of the West of England (UWE)
  • The Center for Anti-Corruption and Rule of Law at Renmin University of China (RUC)


Selected publications by IRG members

Lorenzo Pasculli, The Corruption of the Law: The Effects of Lawmaking on Systemic Corruption (Routledge, forthcoming 2019)

Lorenzo Pasculli and Nicholas Ryder (eds), Corruption, Integrity and the Law: Global Regulatory Challenges (Routledge, forthcoming 2019)

Lorenzo Pasculli and Nicholas Ryder (eds), Corruption in the Global Era: Causes, Sources and Forms of Manifestation (Routledge, forthcoming 2018)

Lorenzo Pasculli, 'Corruptio legis: law as a cause of systemic corruption -comparative perspectives and remedies also for the Post-Brexit Commonwealth' (2017) Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Law, Regulations and Public Policy

Markus Frischhut, 'Standards on quality and safety in cross-border healthcare' in André den Exter (ed) Cross-border health care and European Union law (Erasmus University Press 2017)

Markus Frischhut, What one should know about the European Union (EU): A quick introduction to EU law (4th edn, Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag 2017)

Markus Frischhut and Scott L. Greer, 'EU public health law and policy - communicable diseases' in Tamara Hervey, Calum Alasdair Young, & Louise E. Bishop (eds), Research Handbook on EU Health Law and Policy (Edward Elgar Publishing 2017) 

Costantino Grasso, 'The Dark Side of Power: Corruption and Bribery within the Energy Sector', in Rafael Leal-Arcas and Jan Wouters (eds), Research Handbook on EU Energy Law and Policy (Edward Elgar 2017)

Costantino Grasso, 'Peaks and Troughs of the UK Deferred Prosecution Agreement: The Lesson Learned from the First-Ever DPA between the SFO and ICBC SB PLC' (2016) Queen Mary School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 223/2016 (also in JBL, forthcoming).

Markus Frischhut, '"EU": Short for "Ethical" Union?: The Role of Ethics in European Union Law' (2015) 75(3) HJIL 531-577

Alberto Carrio Sampedro, 'When better is worse. On the distinction therapy/enhancement in Sport' (2015) 9(4) Sport, Ethics & Philosophy 413-26.

José Manuel Ríos Corbacho, 'Public disorders in sport: An analysis through the precepts 557, 558 and 633 of the Spanish Penal Code' (2015) 1 Journal of Criminal Law

José Luis Pérez Triviño, 'Mood Enhancement and Doping' (2014) Performance Enhancement and Health

José Luis Pérez Triviño, 'Sport Enhancement: from Natural Doping to Brain Stimulation' (2014) 5 International Journal of Technoethics 2

Alberto Carrio Sampedro, 'Some curious cases against Cognitive Human Enhancement' (2013) 27 Diacrítica 15-28

José Luis Pérez Triviño, The Challenges of Modern Sport to Ethics (Lexington Books 2013)

José Manuel Ríos Corbacho, 'The problem of corruption: sports betting and criminal law' (2013) 38 Aranzadi Sports and Entertainment Magazine

José Manuel Ríos Corbacho, 'Professional football and Game Law: The sports betting on line' in A. Millán Garrido (ed) Legal Studies on professional football (Reus 2013)

Alberto Carrio Sampedro, Valor de ley. Un análisis de la validez de la ley en la democracia constitucional (Servicio de Publicaciones del Congreso de los Diputados 2012)

José Luis Pérez Triviño, 'Strategic Intentional Fouls, spoiling the game and gamesmanship' (2012) 6 Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 1

José Manuel Ríos Corbacho, 'Fraud in football' in A. Millán Garrido (ed), Current issues of professional football (Bosch ​​2012)

IRG events


2-9 September 2018: Workshop 'Controlling economic crime post Brexit. Focussing on the extent to which arrangements for co-operation will continue in regard to criminal and regulatory issue'', 36th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, Cambridge.

14 February 2018: Seminar 'The Impact of Brexit on Integrity and Corruption: Local and Global Challenges', Bristol Law School, Bristol. Speaker: Dr Lorenzo Pasculli

2017/2018: 2nd IRG Seminar Series


30 October 2017, Presentation on corruption and anti-corruption in the UK, Roundtable on policies to contrast internal and international corruption, LUISS University Guido Carli, Rome (Italy). Convenor: Professor Maria Lucia di Bitonto. Speaker: Dr Lorenzo Pasculli

30 October 2017: Guest lecture on 'The Law as a Cause of Systemic Corruption in the European and Commonwealth Legal Systems', LUISS University Guido Carli, Rome (Italy). Speaker: Dr Lorenzo Pasculli

3-4 October 2017: Presentation on Communication and Transparency after the EU Directive 2014/95, Italian Festival of Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Innovation (Milan, 3-4 October 2017). Speaker: Dr Marco Cristiano Petrassi

8 September 2017: Workshop 'The efficacy of anti-money laundering and anti-corruption laws in the UK and Europe', 35th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, Cambridge. Panellists: Professor Umut Turksen, Dr Anna Bradshaw and Dr Lorenzo Pasculli

5-6 June 2017: Presentation 'Corruptio Legis: Law as a Cause of Systemic Corruption. Comparative Perspectives and Remedies also for the Post-Brexit Commonwealth', 6th International Conference on Law, Regulations and Public Policy, Singapore. Speaker: Dr Lorenzo Pasculli

9 May 2017: Guest lecture on 'The Unintended Criminogenic Effects of the EU Law and European Legislative Crime Risk Assessment. The Case of Corruption and Financial Crimes', University of Padua, Padua (Italy). Speaker: Dr Lorenzo Pasculli

8 May 2017: Training seminar 'Integrity, corruption and the press: a comparative overview' at the Journalist Association of Veneto, Venice (Italy). Speakers: Professor Brian Cathcart and Dr Lorenzo Pasculli


2016/2017: 1st IRG Seminar Series

23 September 2016: IRG Inaugural Symposium 'Conversations on Corruption: An Interdisciplinary and Comparative Reflection on a Globalising Phenomenon', Kingston University, London

IRG Seminar Series

2017/18 seminars

23 January 2018, 1.00pm - 2.00pm, room KHBS1007 - Prof Markus Frischhut (Jean Monnet Chair "European Integration & Ethics", MCI Management Center Innsbruck) Ethical lobbying in the EU: 'Soft Law' for Targets and Actors of Lobbying.

20 March 2018, 1.00pm - 2.00pm, room KHBS2038 - Prof José Luis Pérez Triviño (Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona) Whistle-blowing in sport: hopes and challenges fighting for integrity.

10 April 2018, 1.00pm - 2.00pm, room KHBS2025 - Mohamed Ahmed (Egyptian Attorney General's Office - Kingston University London) Corruption and Anti-Corruption in Egypt.

9 May 2018, 1.00pm - 2.00pm, room KHBS3034 - Jack Davies (Kirkland & Ellis International LLP) NATO and Integrity-building.

2016/17 past seminars

11 December 2017 - Prof Paolo Moro (University of Padova) Fair play and refereeing.

24 November 2017 - Prof Maria Lucia Di Bitonto (LUISS "Guido Carli" University of Rome - University of Camerino) The fight against corruption in Italy from the perspective of corporate criminal law and procedure.

29 May 2017 - Dr Marco Cristiano Petrassi (Senior Associate, SZA Law Firm, Milan) Reporting on non-financial information: an effective step toward the Corporate Social Responsibility?

28 April 2017 - Dr Julien Topal (Founding Exec. Director of the Foundation for Integrity and AntiCorruption (FFIAC)) Organising Integrity: field notes on developing moral learning processes within governmental organisations.

5 April 2017 - Dr Alessandro Rosanò (University of Padova) Integrity and the EU: An Overview of the European Rules of Good Behaviour.

17 March 2017 - Avv Simone Zancani (Simonetti Law Firm, Venice) Italy and Anti-Corruption Policies - The Odd Couple?

25 January 2017 - Prof Maria Antonella Pasculli (University of Bari) Compliance Programs and Integrity.

14 December 2016 - Nainesh Patel (Kingston University) Analysing the prospective effects of EU timber regulation in the UK.

23 November 2016 - Dr Debora Provolo (University of Padova) Penal protection of environment and instruments to contrast eco-mafia.

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