Advantages for your organisation

By joining our internship programme you will:   

  • Gain professionally skilled workers: We have collaborated with industry panels of experts and employers to develop in-depth business and professional readiness programmes as part of the core curriculum of our degrees. This is to ensure our students are skilled and able to "hit the ground running" when entering the workplace. Throughout their studies, students receive intensive skills training and career development support from dedicated careers tutors and coaches, professional trainers and practitioners.
  • Gain workers who are prepared: Our students will be ready to apply their practical learning and critical understanding to the real world of work.
  • Gain workers who are enthusiastic: Our students will bring their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to their internships and be eager to work in roles that complement their degrees.
  • Gain workers with professional qualifications: Many of our students will be members of organisations such as the Chartered Management Institute, Chartered Institute of Marketing or Association of Chartered Accountants. They may be on the path towards qualifications from these organisations and many will be studying for a PRINCE2 project management qualification.
  • Gain workers from diverse backgrounds to boost diversity and innovation in the workplace: Kingston Business School students come from a wide range of backgrounds and countries, fully reflecting the society in which your organisation operates.
  • Gain potential future employees:  You will gain access to talented, experienced and trained potential employees, to help you develop your talent pipeline early.
  • Have an opportunity to tap into Generation Y/ the iGeneration's perception and insight, in a rapidly changing world, for example, identifying product expectations, spending habits and social media use and influence - to name but a few.
  • Get a chance to individually experience and work with interns before making the commitment of a permanent employment contract.
  • A non traditional recruitment process, allows employers to match an individual's talent to the needs of the company.
  • The creation of temporary work experience creates a win-win situation allowing an employer to adjust a role, potentially avoiding the occurrence of lost productivity due to misaligned roles.
  • Enable opportunity to develop existing staff, through the management and mentoring of an intern.
  • Real world company problems can be offered to students to solve, which provides an organisation with fresh insight, whilst freeing up permanent internal staff resources. This also gives students the opportunity to "test" their problem solving skills in a professional but safe work environment.