Research publications repository

Details of Kingston Business School research publications can be found in the Kingston University Research Repository.

This is a store of Kingston Business School working research papers available online. Working papers comprise work in progress by academic staff and doctoral students.

If you are unable to download a file or require a printed copy, contact our Research Operations Manager. For printed copies a small charge (usually £10.00) will apply to cover printing and postage costs.

Past working research papers

NoAuthor(s)TitleISBN No and Date
11 Waqas Ahmad, Jack Holmes, Paula Malysevaite A Virtual Convention on Students' Quality Circles (2014)
10 Johan Berglund Safety Culture Across Organisational Borders: Skill and Formalisation (2014)
09 Elena Fitkov-Norris Literature Overview of Approaches for Enterprise-wide Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation 9791872058849 (2012)
08 Ruth Rettie, Chris Barnham and Kevin Burchell Social normalisation and consumer behaviour: using marketing to make green normal 9781872058795 (2011)
07 Kari Jøsendal and Roger Normann National Pilot for Regional Innovation 9781872058443 (2009)
06 Sue Morgan Causes of Early Failure in Individual Voluntary Arrangements 9781872058542 (2009)
05 Sandeep Kular, Mark Gatenby, Chris Rees, Emma Soane, Katie Truss Employee Engagement: A Literature Review 978-1-872058-39-9 (2008)
04 Iljana Schubert and Emma Soane Report of a Pilot Study of Uncertainty, Decision-Making and Communication of Information about Climate Change and Food Safety 978-1-872058-34-4 (2008)
03 Petros Vourvachis In Search of Explanations for Corporate Social Reporting (CSR): An Attempt to Revisit Legitimacy Theory 978-1-872058-24-5 (2008)
02 Robert A Blackburn and David Smallbone From the Margins to the Mainstream: The Development of Research on Small Business and Entrepreneurship in the UK 978-1-902425-06-1 (2007)
01 Vlasios Sarantinos Psychological contract and small firms: A literature review 978-1-872058-14-6 (2007)