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Gender and consumption

The gender and consumption research group has carried out successful research that includes gambling and domestic life, and mother-daughter relationships and fashion. Our work has been published in a variety of high profile peer reviewed journals and we regularly discuss our work on television, radio and at national and international conferences. Relevant publications include ‘Gender and Consumption' (2007); a special edition of ‘Families, Relationships and Societies' (2014); a special edition of ‘Sociological Research Online' (2014) and the volume Everyday Life and Intimacies of Consumption' (2015: Palgrave Macmillan).

Current research

  • Domestic economies and forms of consumption, with a commitment to readdressing the relative lack of prominence of sociological studies of women's everyday lives and experiences, such as research into the domestic routines and rituals of gambling.
  • The social and cultural history of catalogues and their changing significance in women's lives.
  • The connections between consumer societies, disorder and exclusion and have an article exploring looting and the English riots.
  • The relationship between fashion in class in women's everyday dress in contemporary Britain, with a focus on public performance, space and fashion, mothers and daughters shared taste and habits, and the ordinary and everyday links between fashion and class.
  • The experiences of those who attended Saturday art classes between 1940-1970, many of whom became influential artists and designers.
  • Motivations for, and practices, dieting and how they relate to racial distinctions in notions of beauty and looking good.

PhD supervision

We welcome informal enquiries from potential doctoral students interested in our specialist areas. To find out more about doctoral study in the Department of Criminology and Sociology contact our postgraduate co-ordinator Prof Vron Ware.

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