Economics research - consultancy

Economic analysis requires a careful assessment of costs and benefits. We have considerable experience in making such assessments and in applying the quantitative techniques that are typically of use. Contact us for an informal discussion if you have a project where an improved assessment of costs and benefits would be useful or a data resource which you think could deliver better value to you after an expert analysis.

As a large and experienced team of economists we have a wide knowledge of a variety of markets, industries, countries, regions, national and international organisations and institutions.

If we cannot assist with your particular project requirements, we may know who can. For further information, please contact our Director of Research, Professor Vince Daly, telephone: +44 (0)20 8417 2335.

Local economic planning

We collaborate with Kingston University's Centre for Economic Research and Intelligence (CERI) to provide an advice and research service for local authorities, businesses and other organisations seeking to improve their knowledge of local economies.

Our previous work includes:

  • Labour market analysis
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Local transport studies
  • Demand for leisure facilities

Survey design and analysis

Market research

We can advise on the design of questionnaires and on the statistical analysis of survey returns. Our previous work includes readership surveys, survey of business forecasting practices, questionnaire-based research into SME growth and survival.

Contingent valuation

This method is used to investigate the value that consumers place upon apparently free goods, for example aspects of their environment. As such it can be a useful input to the management of non-marketed goods and services, for example local authority services.