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Cognition, Perception and Neuropsychology research group

About us

The group is composed of cognitive psychologists, decision scientists and cognitive neuroscientists. Research expertise spans visual perception, attention and memory in healthy and neuropsychological patients, choice preferences, reasoning and decision-making in risky environments, as well as creativity and problem solving. The group's researchers cast aside the traditional dichotomy between internal (cognitive/neural) and external factors (social/environmental) that has artificially constrained the development of research and insight in how cognition and action are reciprocally determined.

The research group has published over 100 research articles in refereed journals, is currently home to many PhD students and has attracted substantial research funding from both the private and public sector. The group's research toolkit includes a wide range of equipment. Research is conducted through an extensive network of collaborating institutions and in the department, which houses purpose-built laboratories.

Current projects

  • Age-related aspects of memory
  • Decision making and risk taking
  • Emotion processing and visual perception
  • Neuropsychology of attention
  • Problem solving


PhD students

Affiliated laboratories and research groups

  • Behavioural Insight and Decision Science group (BIDS)

Current grant awards

  • Economic and Social Research Council: Improving people's protective decision-making (PK)
  • Leverhulme Trust: Rethinking the role of intuition in probability judgments (GVT)
  • Santander (International Cooperation grant): Face recognition under limited encoding exposure (FF)
  • The British Academy: Memory-biased preferences: The influence of accessibility on risky decision-making (PK)

Representative publications

  • Cowley, S. J., & Vallée-Tourangeau, F. (Eds) (2013). Cognition beyond the brain: Interactivity, cognition and human artifice. Dordrecht: Springer
  • Felisberti, F. M., & Pavey, L. (2010). Contextual modulation of biases in face recognition. PLoS ONE, 5(9), ISSN (online) 1932-6203.
  • Kusev, P., Tsaneva-Atanasova, K., van Schaik, P. & Chater, N. (2012). Modelling judgment of sequentially presented categories using weighting and sampling without replacement. Behavior Research Methods, 44, 1129-1134.
  • Kusev, P., van Schaik, P., Ayton, P., Dent, J., & Chater, N. (2009). Exaggerated risk: Prospect theory and probability weighting in risky choice. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 35, 1487-1505.
  • Mannan, S., Pambakian, A., & Kennard, C. (2010) Compensatory strategies following visual search training in patients with homonymous hemianopia: an eye movement study. Journal of Neurology, 257, 1812-1821.
  • Vallée-Tourangeau, F. (in press). Interactivity, efficiency, and individual differences in mental arithmetic. Experimental Psychology.
  • Villejoubert G, & Vallée-Tourangeau, F. (2011) Constructing preferences in the physical world: A distributed-cognition perspective on preferences and risky choices. Frontiers in Psychology, 2, 302.
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