History e-Learning Project

The History e-Learning Project (HeLP) is a history online learning product developed specifically for primary schools (Key Stage II). Using data from the Historic Hospital Admission Records Project and the Kingston Local History Project database (KLHP), supplemented with contextual historical material and visual resources, pupils are able to reinforce curriculum learning by looking at the 'Victorians' and comparing how they lived then to how we live now. The project encourages children to become familiar with their local/regional environment and to develop their ICT skills.

HeLP was created by Kingston University in partnership with London Grid for Learning and in consultation with Great Ormond Street Hospital. The LGfL manages the promotion and dissemination of HeLP through its safe network services and common learning platform, both in London and nationwide, ensuring that all schools in the country have access to this product.

The first phase of the project takes the form of an information source linking the particular (the children, their illnesses, their families, their situations) to the general (source material relating to Victorian life/childhood, living conditions, occupations, household structures, disease and treatment, morbidity and mortality, etc). A future stage of 'modelling activity' is proposed where named children from the data sources will be used to build a hypothetical life scenario, allowing students to interact with the tool, making choices which affect the Victorian child's life experience, based on information where the variables affect the outcome.

Centre for the Historical Record