Oakhill Community Heritage Project

The Oakhill Community Heritage Project aims to collate, preserve and share the rich history of Oakhill, Surbiton. 

It is an HLF funded project with the following elements:

  • An oral history project collecting the stories and memories of Oakhill residents, past and current students of Hillcroft College, people who worked or were in-patients of the old Surbiton Hospital and the new Surbiton Health Centre.
  • Creation of a permanent display of Oakhill's rich history in the form of an outdoor timeline which will be displayed on the new Health Centre and Lime Tree School site.
  • A project website, where the stories of Oakhill and the oral histories will be available for everyone to access.
  • A series of talks and seminars, presenting Oakhill's heritage to residents and their neighbours.

Dr Sue Hawkins is providing the Oakhill Project with advice on the construction of a community oral history project and training for volunteer interviewers.

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