Prosopography and Healthcare Web

Prosopography is a research technique most often associated with classicist or medieval historians, where the historical record is severely fragmented and incomplete. In recent years however, other groups of historians have awoken to the possibilities it opens up. One such group is historians of healthcare. Growing numbers of papers at conferences on history of healthcare referred to projects which were using this technique to construct databases of practitioners or patients, or other groups related to healthcare. It seemed that these researchers needed a forum to exchange ideas, experiences and even their data. 

The Centre for the Historical Record held a one day workshop in June 2013 on the subject and was surprised by the level of interest and the nature of the discussions which took place that day. The main conclusion from the workshop was that prosopographers in history of healthcare need a place to go to continue the discussions, and the Centre for the Historical Record, with its emphasis on increasing accessibility to historical data (especially in the healthcare fields), seemed a natural place to act as a hub.

The Prosopography and Healthcare Web acts as a forum and resource for researchers active in this field and we encourage researchers with a common interest in this technique or tool to contribute to the resources found here. 

Centre for the Historical Record