Research outputs

Illustrative examples of recent research outputs include:

Takeshi Hayatsu and MArch Unit 5 built a Japanese teahouse and garden designed by Terunobu Fujimori at the Barbican in London. Fujimori closely worked with the unit in designing elements such as the chimney and ladder. Yakisugi, the characteristic charred timber is a common theme in the work of Fujimori.

Bruno Silvestre completed the building "Padre Cruz social housing", in Lisbon, Portugal (2017). This project originated from a winning entry to a competition for social housing in Lisbon. Lisbon City Council then commissioned Bruno to adapt the project to a site within the Padre Cruz Neighbourhood in a different part of the city.

Justine Langford published "Parkleys : a listed building guide for residents" for the Parkleys Residents' Society. In the first of the estates by SPAN Developments Limited, the architects Eric Lyons and Geoffrey Townsend, Parkleys pioneered modern design in suburban housing. Justine explains why Parkleys is important and what listing means for residents.

Alexandra Stara's book chapter on "City and river in contemporary landscape photography" studies Nadav Kander's photographic series Yangtze: The Long River (2006-08). It aims to contribute to the argument about the relevance of photography as both an interpretative and poetic device for architecture and landscape.

In "Are we so sure it's not architecture?" (Architecture and Culture, 2016), Tim Gough discusses the position of the architectural book, its avant-garde possibilities and the relation to the new "electric" spaces of information.

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