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Researchers and research students


Visiting Professors and Associate Researchers

  • Thom Bates
  • Tom Benton
  • Thom Brisco
  • Almudena Cano
  • Noel Cash
  • Frances Christie
  • Diego Calderon
  • Tom Coward
  • George Dawes
  • Matthew Flintham
  • Thomas Goodey
  • Helen Goodwin
  • Alexander Gore
  • Fenella Griffin
  • Simon Henley
  • David Howarth
  • Mette Hubschmann
  • Michael Lee
  • Ioana Marinescu
  • Ruth Olden
  • David Owen
  • Matthew Phillips
  • Dingle Price
  • Jim Reed
  • Paulo Scianna
  • Amalia Skoufoglou
  • Emily Scott
  • Naomi Shaw
  • Jose Silva
  • Kristin Trommler
  • Matthew Wells
  • Alessandro Zambelli

Research Students

  • Aslihan Caroupapoulle – Creating balance between transformation and preservation within UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Pete Collard – The Uses of Film in Architecture Exhibitions: Exploring a Dialectical Relationship
  • Silay Emir – The application of sustainable design principles to existing education buildings
  • Helen Goodwin – Public life by design? A study of the social implications of public space design
  • Dawn Purves – The role of Ecological Citizenship (EC) in identifying the constraints to and acceptance of ecological solutions to environmental problems
  • James Ritson – Sustainable development of the suburban built environment
  • Justin Sambrook – Modernism to Manplan: The pioneering use of photography in the Architectural Review 1927–1973
  • Rosamund West – London County Council housing schemes and public art, 1943–1965

More details of past research students are also available.

Research, Cities, Architecture, Landscape, Environment

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