English language learning resources

Course books and materials

Most of the materials used on our courses are prepared using authentic (ie. real life) sources, which are typical of our living and working environment. For example, class materials use extracts from online, TV, radio, film, literature and the press as well as from appropriate academic sources. We also use recognised EAP course books and materials written especially for students studying English for academic purposes. You will be provided with the necessary materials in your classes. You will also be referred to additional exercises or sources of information, most of which are available in the Study Skills sections in the Learning Resources Centre at Penrhyn Road and the Kingston Hill Nightingale Centre.

Books to buy

Please ensure that you purchase a good monolingual English dictionary such as the Collins Cobuild English Language Dictionary or the Oxford English Dictionary for advanced learners. Your Academic English tutors will be happy to advise you on the purchase of other Academic English and English language learning books and materials for your own use. These can usually be obtained from:

Waterstone's Bookshop
Bentalls Centre
Kingston upon Thames

Resources on the Internet

There are many web sites giving practice exercises in all aspects of English grammar. Most are designed for students with limited knowledge of English so do be selective. Useful, additional resources can be found at:

The language lab (EM3023)

The language laboratory is located on the third floor of the EM Building at the Penrhyn Road site. It is used for some teaching, but is available open-access to students at other times. Use it to improve your listening skills, your pronunciation and your vocabulary: eg. access BBC iPlayer programmes on a wide range of subjects; record your pronunciation or presentation delivery.