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Engineering Design and Manufacturing

The research theme has a long history in Kingston and specialises in design and manufacturing systems. It aims to deliver high quality research, postgraduate training and consultancy services in the integration of CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM systems to address the challenges of the fourth generation of manufacturing - Industry 4.0.

Research themes

Research is organised under three main headings:

Engineering design

  •   Parametric modelling
  •   CAD/CAE
  •  Visualisation and optimisation
  •   Finite element modelling and analysis
  •  Boundary element modelling

Intelligent manufacturing techniques

  •   Manufacturing informatics
  •   Manufacture system integration and interoperability
  •  Flexible manufacturing automation
  •  Knowledge management in manufacturing
  •  Big data for Industry 4.0

Machining and 3D printing

  •   Additive manufacturing
  •   Subtractive manufacturing

Current projects

Smart structures with optimised mechanical behaviour adjusted in loading conditions through multi-metal 3D printing

Dr Redha Benhadj-Djilali, Dr Payam Khazaeinejad, Prof Constantinos Stergiou (University of West Attica)

A virus-evolutionary, multi-objective intelligent tool path optimisation methodology for sculptured surface CNC machining

Dr Redha Benhadj-Djilali, Prof Constantinos Stergiou (University of West Attica), Prof Nicholaos.Vaxevanidis (ASPETE Athens)

Novel knowledge management method based on big data in manufacturing

Dr Xianzhi Zhang, Dr Redha Benhadj-Djilali, Dr Yahya Zweiri

An algorithmic framework to ascertain the organisational level of smart manufacturing

Dr Andy Lung, Dr Xianzhi Zhang

Design and development of an advanced mechanical biological treatment sustainable system for municipal solid waste management in Kano State, Nigeria

Dr Hossein Mirzaii, Prof Andy Augousti, Dr Redha Benhadj-Djilali

An investigation of a mechanical system to reduce/eliminate turbo-lag of a turbocharged internal combustion engine

Dr Konstantin Volkov, Dr Redha Benhadj-Djilali

Shape optimisation using CAD/FEM integration in the context of additive manufacturing

Dr Payam Khazaeinejad, Dr Redha Benhadj-Djilali

Contact us

For general enquiries, please contact the Theme Leader, Dr Redha Benhadj-Djilali.

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