Data research theme

The Data theme includes big data, cloud computing, data analytics, data mining, clustering, distributed infrastructure, knowledge discovery. The theme's applications cover many areas in science, engineering, medicine and enterprise.

Some examples of health related projects are shown below.

Theme leader

Dr Souheil Khaddaj


Software Architecture Generation Using Textual Analysis of Project Requirements

[AKA Requirement-driven Architecture]

This project aims to generate software architectural designs based on textual analysis of user requirements. It deploys natural language processing for the analysis and categorisation of software requirements followed by the generation of corresponding design diagrams.

Project groups

Project members

  • Dr Souheil Khaddaj
  • Mr Yash Makoondllal

Real time Predictive Monitoring for Urban Transport

This project aims to design and implement a novel system architecture to integrate data mining and machine learning algorithms for the predictive monitoring of urban transport and display data and information in real-time.

Project groups

Project members