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Learning Technology Group

The aim of the Learning Technology Group is to pursue cutting edge research in the development and implementation of tools and platforms for computer-based education and open and distance learning, and to disseminate research results. The Learning Technology Group are thus engaged in research in e-learning, including learning management systems and systems encompassing student assessment. Recently we have been working with the Fetlar Project using our QTI expertise to further support the mathematics community.

The group is continuing to support research informed teaching through using an approach that uses learning design and metrics to enhance a learning management system.  We have also been asked by JISC to contribute to a QTI profiling exercise for IMS.

Our current major projects are now becoming associated with Research Degrees, and additionally the theoretical interests are being explored by another research student who is using Activity Theory to examine how students learn Java. The group is looking to continue to develop its research student base.


Research students

  • Mr Sameer Bhandari
  • Mr Raul Antonio Herrera-Acuna
  • Mr Damien Simonnet
  • Mr Alexandros Moutzouris
  • Mr Panagiotis Sourtzinos
  • Mr Md Junaedur Rahman
  • Ms Victoria Bloom
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