Can my employer, embassy or organisation pay my undergraduate tuition fees?

Yes. If your employer, embassy or organisation agrees to pay all or part of your tuition fees, the University will refer to them as your sponsor and will invoice them for the appropriate amount.

We must receive notification of sponsorship as soon as possible, and before enrolment, confirming that the sponsor will pay your tuition fees.

If you are sponsored by a company or organisation we will require notification of this to be provided via a completed tuition fees sponsorship agreement form (PDF).

We do however understand that there are some embassy's that will only provide notification by letter and in those instances this will be accepted as an alternate to the sponsor form provided it is on the embassy's headed paper, is signed by an authorised officer and contains the following information:

  • The student's (your) full name (and University ID number if known).
  • The amount (or percentage) of tuition fees the sponsor wishes to pay on your behalf for this academic year.
  • The name of the person to whom the invoice must be addressed and the address where the invoice should be sent.
  • The reference number (or purchase order number) to be quoted (if applicable).
  • A valid email address for any overseas sponsor.

See our example sponsor letter (PDF).

Sponsorship forms

Completed sponsor forms or letters should be sent to sponsorletters@kingston.ac.uk prior to your enrolment with Kingston University, or uploaded on OSIS.

Please note:

  • The University reserves the right to reject a sponsor.
  • The University may conduct credit checks in full upon the sponsor.
  • Notification of sponsorship is required for each academic year of study.
  • Payment by a sponsor is due on receipt of invoice; there is no instalment option for sponsor payments.

Remember: It remains your responsibility to ensure that the Accounts Receivable team has received notification of your sponsorship. The University will not be able to invoice your sponsor until we have received notification from them with all the relevant information.

If you are an international (non-EU) student and your sponsor is not paying your full tuition fee, you will be responsible for paying 50% of the full tuition fee amount in cleared funds before you can complete your enrolment.

If your sponsor fails to pay on receipt of invoice, or they withdraw their support at any point in the year, then you will be responsible for any outstanding fees at that point and the University will hold you liable for that amount. You will also be subject to the University's debt recovery procedures.