Withdrawing from your undergraduate course and refunds

Requesting to withdraw

To submit a request to withdraw, you should use the online system accessed through OSIS. Before you do, please read through the full regulations GR1, and the frequently asked questions below.

When you are ready to complete your request, you can access the online system in OSIS:

  • Log into OSIS using your Kingston University student ID.
  • Go to the "Your Studies" tab.
  • You will find further instructions provided on the screens.
  • If you are unable to access OSIS, please contact your faculty student office in the first instance.

International students

International student refunds

If you have had your application for a student visa refused and need to apply to the University for a refund of your tuition fees, you must provide us with a full copy of your visa refusal letter. If you do not provide us with a full copy of the letter it will delay your refund.

If you enrol onto your course and subsequently decide to leave the University, you will have to provide evidence in the form of a copy of your passport with a departure stamp from the United Kingdom and an arrival stamp for your home country before we will release payment of any refunds you have requested.

If you have enrolled onto a course at Kingston University and then decide to transfer to another university or college, you will be required to provide evidence that you have been accepted onto a course at your new university or college and you will have to prove that you have applied to the UKVI to transfer from Kingston University to your new university before we will release payment of any refund. You should be aware that any refund owed to you will be transferred to your new university.

Note: this only applies to you if you have received a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) from Kingston University and are formally sponsored for immigration purposes by Kingston University and have Kingston University's sponsor number on your Tier 4 visa.

Remember: if you decide to withdraw from, suspend or defer your course you must put your decision in writing using the appropriate formto your faculty administration office with your name and ID number on the letter. Don't forget to date your letter.

Your faculty should acknowledge receiving your withdrawal in writing. If you do not receive an acknowledgement from your faculty you should contact them and confirm they have received your withdrawal letter.

You must keep a copy of all correspondence in case of any queries. We are here to help. Please talk to your personal tutor for help and advice before making this decision.

Please be aware of the withdrawal cut-off dates for refunds relating to your programme of study.

A tuition fee deposit is required from all postgraduate taught (masters) applicants who pay international fees. Where this is applicable, the first £3,000 received by the University for tuition fees will not be refundable.

Frequently asked questions

Will I still have to pay my tuition fees if I withdraw from my course?

If you provided the faculty with written notice of withdrawal from your course using the appropriate form before a withdrawal cut-off date and you have received written acknowledgment from your faculty, you will only be liable for the fees specified.

What happens if I withdraw or suspend after the final withdrawal cut-off date?

If you withdraw or suspend after the final cut-off date for your course you will be liable for your tuition fees in full.

Will I have to pay tuition fees if I have stopped attending my course without formally notifying my faculty?

Yes. If you have enrolled onto your course you will be liable for your fees until you have provided your faculty with written notification of withdrawal. The percentage of the tuition fees you will remain liable for once you have withdrawn is determined by both your course start date and withdrawal date.

Will I have to pay my fees if I intend to apply for funding or a tuition fee loan?

Yes, until you are able to prove that your funding has been approved, you will be liable for the payment of your fees (a copy of the 'final' status of your 'Assessment of Entitlement to Student Finance' notification should be passed to the Accounts Receivable team).

What happens if I am attending my course at a partner institution?

You must ensure that you withdraw in writing to your college. If you fail to do so you will be liable to pay your tuition fees in full.

How do I apply for a refund?

If you believe you are eligible for a refund, you must raise an enquiry via the StudentHUB.


  • Outstanding debts: if you have any outstanding debts to the University, your refund will be offset against these debts first.
  • Agreed refunds: where a refund is agreed then payment will normally be made via direct credit transfer to the bank account from which the original payment was made. If payment was made by credit or debit card, the refund would be made back to that card.
  • Time scale: please allow at least three weeks for a refund to be processed.

What is the difference between withdrawing, deferring and suspending?

  • 'Withdrawing from your course' – you have started your course but decide to leave the course permanently.
  • 'Suspending your course' – you have started the year but decide to take a break and return in the future.
  • 'Deferring your studies' – you don't start the year but elect to return to your course in the future.

See the University's General Regulations for more information on the interrupting your studies.