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Where you live plays a big part in your experience of university, and at Kingston we want to help you find the right place.

Whether you're booking a place in Kingston University halls or want to live independently, the University's Accommodation team is available to help both before and after you arrive here. We also have plenty of advice if you'd rather commute from your current home.

  • What's it like living in a halls of residence?
    If you live in a hall of residence at Kingston, you'll have a single room in a flat shared with other students. You'll share the kitchen with between two and nine other students. We also have a limited number of self-contained studios. Read more.
  • What if I don't get a place in halls or want to live privately?
    Living independently gives you lots of flexibility. You can choose your own flatmates and decide whether you'd rather live near your campus or elsewhere in the town. Read more.
  • Do many students commute from outside Kingston?
    Yes, lots of our students commute from outside Kingston. Our excellent transport links mean it's easy to get here from other parts of London and Surrey. Read more.
  • Where can I find contact details for local guest houses?
    If friends or relatives are coming to help you settle in at Kingston, or you want to visit the area to find private accommodation before the start of term there are plenty of hotels in the local area - just search on one of the many internet booking sites.

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