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Welcome to Kingston School of Art

Welcome to Kingston School of Art

"On our visit to Kingston's workshops we experienced a hugely impressive and inspirational, world class design facility abuzz with creative energy and technical verve; the ideal environment to inspire and equip the next generation of designers with the design skills for the future."

Dr Helen Charman, Director of Learning and Research, Design Museum


Welcome Week begins on Monday 17 September 2018 and is an essential part of your transition into university life. The week includes important interactive talks and information sessions introducing you to the University and Kingston School of Art. On certain days you will have timetabled course induction, other days you may opt to attend welcome events and activities, enabling you to tailor your first week with us. Students move into halls of residence from Tuesday 11 September 2018 (international and EU students *those moving in before Saturday 15 September 2018 will need to contact accommodations prior to their arrival) and from Saturday 15 September 2017 (UK students).

Students on the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design should note that this course starts earlier than the degree courses, and can move in from Saturday 01 September 2018.

Prior to your first day of the Welcome Week you are required to complete the first stage of your enrolment.

  • All students should come to the main reception, Kingston School of Art, Knights Park campus.
  • If you are studying at a partner college please ensure you know when to arrive and where to go at your own college, you may have a different start date at your College than at Kingston University. Induction information will be communicated directly from your partner college.
  • Your first week is compulsory and includes your face-to-face enrolment session, where you will receive your ID card, essential information, workshop and technical inductions. On some courses this will also include choosing studio groups, which then will form your timetable, and can only be completed once you are on campus. You will not be able to get confirmation of your enrolment for a bank, landlord, and council tax or to release payment of your student loan/tuition fees until you have completed your face-to-face enrolment session. Therefore, it is imperative you attend your inductions and start your course on time.
    In case you arrive late, or miss the first day due to an emergency, ensure you come to the student office once you arrive on campus. There will be staff and students on campus, please do not hesitate to contact them in case you are lost. The offices will also have extended hours in the opening weeks from 9.30am to 5.00pm.
  • As an enrolled student you will get discounts on many items, do not buy expensive technical equipment or software before you arrive. In addition, you can obtain guidance from staff during your induction, in order to help you decide what you need.

International, Study Abroad and Erasmus exchange students

International students must attend the international welcome and orientation week, which runs from Wednesdayy 12 September 2018. This includes many useful events, including a bookable airport meet and greet service, your specific international face-to-face enrolment to gain your ID card and the opportunity to resolve any financial and visa issues all in one place before you start on your course. Find out more.

Studying at a partner college?

If your course is delivered by one of our partner institutions, these pages will give you a flavour of life at Kingston University and the facilities you can come here to use. However, your partner college will also contact you with its own induction information and details about its teaching facilities:

Welcome to Kingston School of Art

Kingston School of Art was established in 1875 and in 1970 the school joined Kingston Polytechnic. Last year the school reclaimed the name Kingston School of Art. Outlined you will find the complete information about studying at Kingston School of Art. Before you arrive and induction

Depending on your course, your tutors may give you a small project to work on, and/or present once you have arrived at Kingston School of Art, upon arrival you will also meet your studio group. In addition, your tutors may suggest exhibitions to attend or provide a reading list for you to look at during the summer before you arrive at University. Your tutors may also inform you which equipment or tools may be of use during your time at Kingston School of Art.

What happens when I arrive?

All new students must take part in the Kingston School of Art induction week, students must attend a face-to-face enrolment session to finalise enrolment, obtain student ID card, resolve any finance issues, if there are any, and confirm your place on the course. You will be reminded when this will take place, as part of your welcome letter, in addition, the University will also email you reminders closer to the time. It is very important that you arrive for your inductions and start your course on time.
International students will also be able to attend Kingston's international orientation, it takes place the week before the main induction week, and you will have an early opportunity to enrol online. By confirming attendance, you will be able to do such things as opening a UK bank account. The orientation week also includes a bookable airport pick-up service. Read more.

How will we support you?

Whether in the studio or in the classroom, tutors are on hand to help you, and if you still need further assistance, you are able to get one-to-one time with a tutor. When you join the course, you will have your own personal tutor, whom will provide support throughout your time here. Your module leader will be able to answer any subject specific questions. If you need some extra help with your assignments, our site-based Academic Skills Centres may be able to provide support and advice. Find out more about student support.

The campus and its resources

Most of our art, design and architecture courses are based at Kingston School of Art, Knights Park, the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, is taught at our Penrhyn Road campus, and BA Graphic Design and BA Illustration Animation are taught at River House.
The creative buzz at Knights Park is obvious as soon as you step through the door and see the exhibits of student work. The campus has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the campus backs onto the Hogsmill River, allowing students to experience and enjoy riverside living. Each subject has its own designated teaching area, the small campus size means there are plenty of opportunities to meet and socialise with other students.

The Learning Resources Centre (LRC) at Knights Park campus, located in the Quad courtyard, central to the campus. The LRC contains seminar and bookable spaces as well as quiet study areas.

The Penrhyn Road campus is in the heart of Kingston, about a 10-minute walk from the town centre and a 5-minute walk from Knights Park campus. It has a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere, students will study in bright spacious studios with views over Kingston from the fifth and sixth floors.

Our Graphic Design and Illustration Animation courses are based in their own building, River House. Students will work in purpose built studios, with views over the picturesque River Thames, only a 2-minute walk from Kingston town centre and 10-minute walk from Penrhyn Road campus.

What resources are available?

We have several of well-equipped workshops and learning environments, designed to provide a modern learning experience, allowing students to gain cutting-edge skills and knowledge. Students have access and are able to use all facilities across the university, regardless of which campus you are usually based at.
New resources include:

  • a large, open-access 3D materials workshop, which includes new equipment and an interdisciplinary construction area;
  • a state-of-the-art filming environment and animation suite;
  • a professional photography suite with two new digital darkrooms;
  • an Open-access digital workshop; and
  • a student gallery, reception area and art shop.

Find out more about art and design facilities. Remember that you can also access the university-wide study resources, such as the library and IT facilities.


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