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Code of conduct

Your behaviour at university

You are expected to behave considerately at all times as a member of the Kingston University community and to respect the rights of other students, staff and members of the public, both on and off campus.

The University takes a serious view of inappropriate behaviour; the Student Disciplinary Procedure and Guidance explain the action which might result in the case of any misconduct.

You can download the full versions of our Student Disciplinary Procedure, IT, finance and general academic regulations at

Ground rules for teaching sessions

  • Be prompt – you may be excluded from a teaching session if you arrive late.
  • Switch your mobile phone and any personal audio equipment off while teaching is taking place.
  • Comply with the rules for the particular teaching space where you are being taught (eg in some areas you will not be permitted to eat or drink).
  • Contribute to discussions in classrooms and undertake work assigned to you.
  • Take responsibility for your learning and conduct whilst at the University.
  • Submit assignments within published deadlines and which are entirely your own work.

What do I use my Kingston University ID card for?

After you've completed your enrolment, you'll receive your ID card. This ID card is very important so take care not to lose it – if you lose your card, you will have to pay £10 to replace it. Your ID card allows you to:

  • prove that you are a Kingston University student;
  • get access to University buildings  and classrooms, including some laboratories;
  • borrow books, films and other resources from the library; and
  • print and photocopy using the multifunction printers around the campuses.

You'll also need to present your ID card as proof of identity at formal exams, when requested by staff (eg security) and sometimes when collecting assignments.

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