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Get ready to study with these top tips from the Union of Kingston Students:

  • Memorise your ID number. Learn your KU student ID number by heart to make accessing student support even easier.
  • One folder per module. Buy a folder for each module you're studying to file away your course notes. It may seem like overkill to begin with, but you'll soon have a folder bulging with information and it's much easier than having different modules all bundled together.
  • Online data. Do the same online to keep all your coursework for the same modules together. And don't forget to keep back-up copies of all your coursework just in case you lose that memory stick!
  • Personalisation. Highlight important parts in handouts and do not be afraid to write over notes in lectures if you receive related information from the lecturer regarding that particular topic!
  • Backup. Email yourself important notes or essays so you have an electronic backup.
  • Dates: Keep important dates on your mobile phone, email account and freshers' calendar. This will help you stay ahead of your deadlines.
  • Secure your ideas. Email yourself coursework, notes or research. It will provide you with a date and time stamp of where you were at with your ideas and writing if you encounter any problems about plagiarism. And don't forget to make sure you understand what plagiarism is so that you can avoid it!
  • Reference points. Keep your coursework from all your years of study. You never know when you might want to refer back to it or even mention a project in a job application.
  • Technology. Make the most of your gadgets! For example, if your phone has a voice notes function, use it to make a record of when you need to do something.
  • Work experience. Find out about the roles your degree may lead you to as some jobs require contacts as well as skills. All work is great experience when it eventually comes to securing that all important job on graduation.
  • Awareness. Know what's going on in your industry and subject area. Sign up for job alerts now to get an idea of what's out there and what skills you're going to need.

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