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Financial advice for international students

If you are an overseas student there are a number of things that you can do before you start to ease your financial situation.

Tuition fees

Try to find out how much life as a student will cost you. You will need to consider both the cost of your tuition fees and the cost of living in the UK.

You can find out how much your tuition fees will be via the undergraduate pages. You will need to know how much your tuition fees are in advance, as you will not be able to get a visa (if required) to enter the country without proof that you are able to cover both your tuition and your living costs. You will also need to ensure that you are able to pay 50% of your tuition cost before or at enrolment.

You can do a course search, and then use the menu on the left-hand side of the page. The 'Fees and funding' pages detail the tuition fee cost. Further down the page you will also find links for funding possibilities.


The University offers a number of scholarships to international students but they are limited in number. The key is to find out what is available in advance so that you can put in an application as soon as possible. Whilst most scholarships won't cover either your tuition or your living costs in full, any extra money will help ease your financial burden.

Bank accounts

For convenience, and being able to pay for everything with ease you will need to have a UK bank account. Having an account in the UK will mean that you can get money from home transferred easily, and you won't have to carry around large sums of cash. The Home Office will also want to see your bank statements if you need to extend your visa.

Make sure you meet local banks when you arrive. We will be providing We will be providing impartial information about bank account options at the International Arrivals Lounge, as part of international arrivals and orientation. To open an account you will need the following documentation:

  • Your passport
  • A letter from us to prove that you will be studying here
  • Proof of address (this could be your halls licence or a utilities bill – gas, electricity, water etc – check to see what they will accept)

Cost of living in the UK

Below is what we have calculated as an estimated monthly living allowance (cost below by week) in Kingston (excluding tuition fees). Remember, costs will vary depending on lifestyle. We also recommend you set aside from extra money for unforeseen expenses or emergencies.

Example type Approximate cost per week
Halls of residence accommodation £144
Text books / printing / copying
Laundry £5
Mobile phone
Clothes and socialising £40
TOTAL £261

Contact us

If you have any questions relating to funding or finances, contact the money advisers in the Student Life Centre by telephone on +44 (0)20 8417 7312.

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