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Postgraduate scholarships

The best way to understand the importance of postgraduate scholarships, and why we must continue to support the best and the brightest, is by listening to the scholars themselves...

Quirin Dammerer, MSc Political Economy

Quirin Dammerer, MSc Political Economy

"What I like most about Political Economy at Kingston is the pluralist approach to economics, the amazing teachers and my colleagues with whom I had a really great time both in class (where all of them contributed a lot to the discussions about various topics) and outside university."

"My scholarship made it easier for me to study in London. It helped me with the tuition fees especially when the exchange rate was above 1.4 (Pound/Euro). It helped a lot to reduce the financial pressures that are much higher in Britain compared to Austria (where education is free and the living expenses are lower). I am grateful to the donors who provided this scholarship.

"In five years' time I'd like to be working in an international organisation, in a think tank, or in an NGO, but working in a government agency might also be possible. Perhaps I'll be in the middle of a PhD!"

Serena Scaramuzzi, Building Surveying MSc

Serena Scaramuzzi, Building Surveying MSc

"I developed an interest for design and construction methods from the age of four, growing up amongst my grandfather's carpentry.

Since 2012 I have been working as a Theatre Systems and Maintenance Technician.

I chose to study building surveying to improve the knowledge of building construction technology and learning about the design of structural elements, the rehabilitation of buildings, implementation of sustainability ethics and the legislations related to the built environment.

Being in a foreign country without family support made the decision to take on the MSc quite difficult, attending university meant a cut to my current basic salary as well as finding an evening job to fund the course.

Words cannot describe how grateful I was for the superb opportunity that was given to me with this scholarship. It allowed me to work less overtime shifts during term time and allocate more time to my studies. This scholarship has supported me with funding university fees and the commute to campus over two years.

The support and recognition that came with the scholarship mean a lot to me: it has strengthened my self-confidence in achieving my ambitions. It has certainly been an extra motivation to work harder and achieve the best outcome, not only for myself but for all the donors that believed in me and made this happen."

Hamda Ahmed, Psychology MSc

Hamda Ahmed, Psychology MSc

"I loved learning about everything psychology had to offer in terms of knowledge. However, what has benefitted me the most from studying a masters in psychology was that it helped me to better understand myself. Learning about things such as the formation of personality, development and factors such as culture and society that impact behaviour, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the many influences that have impacted my own life.

After I complete my masters hope to progress in studying for a PhD in Educational Psychology which will last for five years, so hopefully in five years' time I see myself working as a qualified educational psychologist. My undergraduate degree was a BA in Contemporary Education.

Prior to applying for a masters I came out of a difficult relationship. This left me and my two sons in a very unstable position. However, this didn't stop me in trying to become a better role model for my children and this scholarship has helped me in achieving that.

Receiving this scholarship for me was not only a great honour but it also meant that I was on the right path to success. Being one of the few to be picked out of a much larger cohort of students, it told me that I was seen as having potential for the future of our society. Therefore, this scholarship for me is not the end but just the beginning. Soon I wish to become a successful educational psychologist and help individuals reach their full potential in learning."

They need your support

The 'domino effect' – on academia, on society and even on the economy – of helping students reach their potential via postgraduate scholarships is clear. What isn't clear is how we continue can do that without your help.

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